9000 visits !

already about 9000 visits on my site www.yashvin.tk ….

9000 visits

i don’t really rely on this counter since it records all hits…

nevertheless the daily counter does work great and i got another counter which confirms the daily hits !

10 ViSitS! daily ! nice…

i try my best to regularly update the site but with uni, its a bit more difficult these days…

i promise will try my best in some 1 or 2 weeks…

till then, keep in touch through the blog !


2 thoughts on “9000 visits !

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  1. wowwww…superbbbb!!!!!!!am toooo impressed..so kinda mean if i dont say sme few words here….wowwwww…zatsssss coooolll…who doesnt like malcolm???zats a greatttt job uve done…n n n wel ki kav dir nkor….ur blog is z Coolest Dude, n its xtraaaaorddinaireeeeee..wooohoooo..keeep ittt uppppp


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