The first speeding ticket on my name

When I received the blue card from the postman on Saturday (two days back), I was much overwhelmed. My long awaited parcels are here, finally!

Today, I drove to the post office, queued up and handed over the card to the person. After a few seconds, he came back with a letter. That was not what I was expecting. I thought that it was perhaps some letter related to the insurance, house or something like that. After signing the post office’s acknowledgement paper, I went into the car and looked at that envelope.

Just then, my blood ran cold when I saw this stamp :

Damn, even if I never got a letter like that before and yet, I already knew what it was about…

These are the kind of things that despite you do not want to go through this, you know that you can expect to get one someday. A bit like death, I suppose.

It was a speeding ticket for driving at 95 km/hr instead of 80km/hr at Trianon… But wait, I am always very careful when driving, especially near those yellow large boxes but I am also aware that those cameras were out of the country for maintenance purposes…

Yet, something strikes me at that moment : I looked at the date the offense was recorded… 1st November 2020…

I grabbed my mobile, scrolled through my picture gallery, found this specific picture :

This is the picture I shot just before the new owner drove away with it.

Yes, I can’t be wrong…

I sold my car on 26th October 2020, 6 days before the speed excess! I immediately phoned the car buyer, explained the situation and he said to send over the details to him so that we can deal with the procedures and payment, as it should be done.

Even if I’m not the one paying the fine, I am still sad that I did not get my parcels yet 😦

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