[Infotech 2018] La foire Pailles, monter, monter!!!

Hey people, welcome back!

With thousands of visitors going to SVICC every year, Infotech was the annual rendez vous for technology enthusiasts who were looking forward to have some hands-on demo of latest technologies and discover latest trends in ICT. However, since several years now, the event is more comparable to the other “Indian Expo Fair” or “Salon de la maison” type of events. With increasing number of companies displaying their products (along with “infotech” discounts), the “La Foire Pailles” is unfortunately mainly crowded with visitors who want to grab some good deals on mobile phones, screens and etc.

Without exagerating, I think that barely 10% of the total space occupied are really centered about latest technology advances :

  • Mauritius Research Council showing off their cube sat project. The real-size 3D printed model was displayed today (30 August 2018) but one of the guys there told me that a real demo unit should be on display as from tomorrow.
  • The Robotics Club of College of Saint Esprit which is displaying some of their own made robots

What’s in there more?

To sum up what you can see and experience in the La Foire Pailles during the next few days :

  • VR Sets
  • Drones
  • IP Camera systems
  • Solar Panels
  • Laptops and mobile phones

And if you want a better plan for your weekend, drive to Bagatelle Mall. On top of all the above, you get hypermarkets, candy shops, practically all brand shops of the island and a large variety of food. You will probably get the same promotional discount too! If ever you get bored (at Bagatelle), you can even watch a movie at the cinema!

Please vote!

It is without surprise that I pressed the red button. So, don’t hesitate to do the same if you share the same view!

Cheers Cheers Cheers !!!

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