Dhanvin’s 3rd birthday – Theme : Masha et Michka (Masha and the bear)

3 birthday cakes for his 3rd birthday anniversary :

  • One for the birthday cake cutting in school,
  • another one for the whole family party and
  • a last one (which got damaged in the car) for another small party.

For info, I purchased the Masha & Michka theme sets from AliExpress.

Link to the first birthday anniversary celebrations here (Theme : Cars) and photos for the football theme 2nd birthday celebrations can be found here.



3 thoughts on “Dhanvin’s 3rd birthday – Theme : Masha et Michka (Masha and the bear)

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  1. Hi
    The cake is awesome. Can I have the contact details of the bakery if possible please. Its my nephew favorite cartoon and wanted to have 1 similar..


  2. To think of it, we never celebrated Tasya’s birthday as such…only once did we cut a cake at her school… but it was way beyond her birthdate… but we always have a cake for her..cut only with mommy and daddy… Huge hugs to Dhanvin!


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