What’s going on beyond the veil during the Indian wedding ceremony?

For those who have ever attended and most importantly, paid special attention to the details during the religious ceremony, you have probably noticed that at a point of time, a veil covers the nearly married couple for a few minutes.

But many unmarried people of the same belief (and most probably all other non hindous) actually have no idea what happens behind the “curtains”. To the utmost deception of many youngsters : No, the couple does not blow a deep kiss to each other. They neither reveal their hidden secrets before tieing the nots.

Seriously now, the simple reason is that the groom applies the sacred vermilion on his bride’s forehead for the first time, away from prying eyes of those present. Once he is done with this, he gets out of the veil and the bride’s sister in law gets under the “curtain”. Both married women then apply vermilion to each other and the sister in law makes sure that the newly wed bride’s vermilion is perfectly applied before the veil is removed.

Interesting enough, I haven’t come across any selfie shot. The challenge is set for those interested and not yet married lol. Got to leave you now, the newly married couple will be cutting their cake here for the chawtaree (day-after-wedding celebrations at the girl’s place) in a few minutes.


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  1. not a hindu religious tradition, but rather a north & central indian hindu cultural tradition. i think. lol, i wonder who will be doing a shot of that. =p dommaz tonn fini marrier


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