Tech21 Evo Tactical Extreme Edition Black Case for iPhone 7

After reviewing the Miccus SR-71 Stealth headphones and the RTX transmitter, time for another post since I just received my new casing for my iPhone today. Sincerely, despite it looks bulky, it seems to be a good stuff that will definitely add an ultra layer of protection and dust resistance to the device. Tech21 uses the terms FlexShock to market its protection technique, claiming 4 meters drop protection. Anyone willing to test this 4 meters protection are the most welcomed to… purchase their own case and device 🙂

The case comes in 3 parts, namely :

  1. Front frame, integrated with BulletShield
  2. Back case, integrated with FlexShock
  3. Holster with which you can clip your phone to your belt but which can also be used as a stand

On sale at $10 on ebay, I paid another $10 for shipping, thus amounting for a total of $20 (Roughly Rs 750). When you compare the price of this quality product with any cheap case for sale at a minimum of Rs 200 in mobile shops of the country, I believe it is worth investing in something better.

Close up pictures

Now, you might get bored in case you are not planning to buy a Tech21 Evo Tactical Extreme Edition case because I wrote this post to specifically upload pictures of the real case so that any potential buyer can have a look at, without relying on official pics.






Things to consider

I have been looking at various models before making a decision but nevertheless, there are a few points worth mentioning :

  1. If you have a screen protector (especially the models which cover the whole of the screen including the 3D curve of the phone’s edges), you might probably need to remove them and buy another one. I’m writing this because I had to remove mine since the case fits the device very tightly. I have now to invest in another screen protector, compatible with this case.
  2. If you have a magnetic cable charger whose adapter always stays in the phone itself, then the case’s charger cover might be useless as you will be unable to put it on. I will probably have to cut that dust cover since it will be annoying for daily usage. However, the opening for the charger cover is quite large, so there are good chances that you can still continue to use your magnetic charger.
  3. Very few of users will want to carry the holster because of its size but it looks a very solid one.

Summing up

Since the boom of smartphones and especially with the large variety of devices available for every budget, manufacturers have been constantly engineering newer models, which are thinner and lighter. And during the past couple of years, we have seen a different tendency : The same manufacturers are now making smartphones with over 5″ screens and also, somewhat more fragile as compared to earlier models. Hence, it becomes essential to protect your device with a case which suits your usage and preferences, even if this means putting an extra layer on top of the screen and a bulky case around the thin device. The choice is yours.

I grab this opportunity to recommend this Tech21 Evo Tactical Extreme Edition case. I personally feel that my device is more secure. However, just make sure to plan your budget correctly as I might be having to purchase a compatible screen protector to make sure that it is as protective and solid as the case.

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