[Port Louis] Reserving public parking slots as your private property…

Several months back, I posted a picture of a vehicle which was very badly parked. On top of being parked on the pavement itself, the driver parked that 4×4 in such a way that it becomes very inconvenient for pedestrians to walk there.

However, when I drove by the same street early today, I was surprised to see that there were 2 wooden pallets at that specific slot. So, that explains how the vehicle can be parked at the same place everyday for the past months :

Since I do not have any proofs, I can’t publicly say who owns this vehicle but however, I can say that the vehicle belongs to a company whose office is found very close. Click here if you wish to open the location on Google Maps. You won’t believe how close their office is found! Just in case, anyone argues about the fact that I published the vehicle’s number, be re-assured. The photo has been taken on a public road. Period.

It is a shame, really. I will be certainly emailing that company to share the link with them, hoping that they take necessary actions and more specifically, educate their driver. This is definitely not the first case and it will neither be the last one because authorities are not severe enough to enforce law and order and also, there are some uneducated / stubborn drivers who will never change their ego and attitude.

That’s why, very often, when these ‘professional’ drivers (bus, vans etc) argue with me, I normally end the discussion by telling them ironically :

“Akoz zot maniere meme ki zot pu reste soffer van / bis toute longue zot la vie.
Sinon, azordi zot ti pu envole avion!”

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