32 years old…

Welcome back to the blog for this special post šŸ™‚

Unlike previous years, the birthday celebrations started on the eve with a great beer party with colleagues in Trou Aux Biches. When I woke up early in the morning, I was pleasantly surprised to find these sticky notes on my garage door :

Another creative idea of my cousins. For those who probably don’t know the meaning, “Bhai” is the hindi equivalent for brother. Coming to today now, since we were on leave, we had lunch at Cascavelle food court before driving to Wolmar for a swim. The kid was the happiest of all because he loves swimming (just like his dad) while the mum sat down in the shade of trees. And the celebrations ended with a home made chicken briani and a birthday cake.

Selfie video project

Coming now to the annual share of my updated ageing project, there are now nearly 1500 selfies, shot daily for the past four years. This year, I uploaded the video to both my Youtube channel and my Facebook account :

For those who know about my ongoing diet (-16kgs since December 2016), you might be interested to watch (again) the pictures as from 4th December 2016 (1min40 marking). As from this particular point in the video, I have intentionally reduced the speed of the video.

Special thanks to J Kalachand for their annual birthday phone call and Nandos for their Rs250 gift voucher (through sms) :

As usual, no need to say that meanwhile Facebook was doing a great job to remind everyone that they need to wish me. Notifications, text messages ( including iMessages) and phone calls continued throughout the day.

Big thanks to family members, friends and everyone else for making this day special !

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