Yashvinblogs Awards 2016

Ladies and Gentlemen,

For the 5th time in the history, I have the immense pleasure to welcome all of you to the biggest and most prestigious awards ceremony of the Mauritian web, the Yashvinblogs Awards! As you already know, I’m your host on this very special day of Friday 13th which some consider as lucky while more superstitious one prefer avoiding this day. As far as I know, we will all love it.

Before announcing the winners, I grab this opportunity to say special thanks to the well-wishes who sent tons of suggestions to our mailbox. For example, Mr The President of the USA, Mr Obamaa even suggested Trumpt as the “Best Actor in a Villain role” but due to country restrictions, we had to politely reject his nomination.

So, here we go…

The winners are :

Best Actor : Xavier (Movie : L’envol du coq)
Best Actress : Kobiitaa (Movie : MedPointVirgule)
Best Actor in a comedy role : Raj (Movie : Bal Kuler)
Best Actress in a comedy role : Trisha (Movie : Pas tousse mo coka)
Best Actor in a supporting role : Ivan ( Movie : The Sleeping Chiwaawa)
Best Actress in a supporting role : Lainaa (Movie : La misère noire)
Best Actor in a villain role : Satya Jeet (Movie : Erasing Sins)
Best Actress in a villain role : LaRoubinaa ( Movie : Visitors LogBook)
Best Shooting location : The International Assembly
Most Promising new-comer Actor : Anil ( Movie : Dans le monde des synthetiques)
Most Promising new-comer Actress : Sandya ( Movie : Hubby’s Cucumber)
Most awaited release : Dilo 24/7
Best Director : Pravin ( Movie : Much ado about nothing)
Best Song : “Personne pane dir mwa” by Bhai Anirood
Best Movie : L’envol du coq
Best Dialogue : Bhai Anirood ( “Mo pas ti koner!”)
Best Profit-making : Kailash ( Movie : Millions à gogo )
Best Thriller : Erasing Sins
Outstanding Performance : Navin ( Movie : Le Retour du Leroi Lion )
Lifetime Achievement Award : Xavier ( Movie : Batteur bis de classe )

Thanks for the applause…

I hope that most of you had a very good laugh except those political spies sitting behind their screens at the “Centrale Comiques In Delinkant” office. Anyway, their political color changes every 5 years or so… And for those who wish to relive moments from previous editions of the awards, please visit the pages at 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015.

Looking forward for another year with full of political events, get-together, breakups and treason.

Thanks for your kind attention and hope to see you again soon!

Bye bye!

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