Using Google Maps so that others can easily find you or a meetup location

Very often, we find ourselves having to explain the exact route for others to follow whether to meet at a common point, to find a specific shop or even, to come to our house. Some of us will agree, the experience is sometimes awful because of the numerous phone calls, without ignoring the high probability of ending up somewhere else. Fortunately Mauritius is small and people are very helpful on the roads. Although many among us are already occasional users of Google Maps, we simply ignore the fact that Google Maps can become very handy for petty things in our daily life. The app (or site) should not necessarily be used only only when we need to go to a hotel, restaurant or sight-seeing spot!

Although the steps are very simple and straight forward, I will detail them in two sections as below :

Using a desktop pc / Laptop / mobile browser

Step 1 : Click on your location (or any other desired point) on Google Maps to show the address along with the exact coordinates at the bottom of the map.

Step 2 : Click on the coordinates to display the left panel as below :

Step 3 : Click on Share

Step 4 : Copy the link and send to your friends…

Using smartphones

Step 1 : Click on your location (or any other desired point) on your Google Maps application to show the red pin:

Step 2 : Click on the red pin to display the area below :

Step 3 : Click on SHARE

Step 4 : Choose any of the apps below so that you can send the exact location to your friends / family members

What happens when the receiver clicks on the link?

Depending on the configuration of the device being used, a browser or the Google Maps application will be lauched showing the exact location you previously sent. The person can then easily navigate to the point by setting his location or simply save that location.

One very interesting fact it that if you have already downloaded an updated copy of the map (of the area or Mauritius itself), there are chances that you don’t need any data connection. Just use the obsolete SMS technology to spread the link.

The technique worked wonderfully when I invited folks to my (free wifi) wedding years back and there’s no reason why it should not in our everyday life. I just hope that this small article might be useful to you in the future.

Wishing you a happy new year again!


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  1. I was surprised when shops always asked me to draw a map of my address/location for delivery purposes. However, I soon learned about the problem here because many residential area streets do not have sign-posted names. On Google-Earth my street has a name but it is not sign-posted at the end of the street and nobody uses that name for post purposes. This all adds to the confusion and delivery difficulties for courier services etc. As you mention in the article you need a landmark as a starting point.


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