My HTC Desire 820 smartphone’s screen got cracked

htc crack

When reaching home yesterday, I was shocked to see a crack across my smartphone’s screen. While the device was neither dropped nor had knocked on anything, I guess that my car key is to be blamed since I usually keep both of them in the same pocket. Well, this unfortunate event should serve as a lesson for me but also, as a warning to all those who carry their mobile phones and other objects in bags or trousers.

Back in 2011, my Sony Ericsson Vivaz Pro (Read review here) had a similar screen problem too after it fell down from a chair (lol). Although there were no visible cracks, the touch screen was rendered completely useless. It was just good for the bin!

Shockproof case

Quite disappointed since yesterday as I always believed that my HTC Desire 820 (Read my review here) was secure in the shockproof tough armor back case. I also felt that it was useless to use a tempered glass screen protector  but I was totally wrong. As I thought initially, the HTC Desire 820 does not have Corning Gorilla Glass 3.

Repair costs

Earlier this morning, I inquired about the cost of a replacement screen :

  • Official distributor of HTC, Maurisystem – Rs3500
  • Ebay – Cheaper replacement screens are for sale at around $30 on eBay
htc screen

What to do?

With a (genuine?) screen costing Rs3500, I prefer to buy a brand new smartphone. So, I think it is a complete waste of money, even for cheap replacement screens as they might not be as efficient as the genuine ones. Additionally,  there’s no guarantee that a replacement screen might last long. For now, I have purchased a protective glass (Rs200) to increase the lifespan of the smartphone’s screen. I just hope that the crack won’t create air bubbles, rendering the protective glass useless. Meanwhile, I should start looking for a new mobile as sooner or later, the screen might just stop working or literally break.

Anyway, I hadn’t really purchased this HTC Desire 820 as I got it in exchange of my defective HTC One M7 (Read my review written in 2013) when I reported the faulty pinkish camera last year. After owning 3 HTC devices in a row (namely the Chacha, One M7 and now the Desire 820), I don’t know if I will still stick to HTC for the next device (Suggestions welcomed here).

Let’s wait and see… And keep tuned!

Thanks for reading 🙂

4 thoughts on “My HTC Desire 820 smartphone’s screen got cracked

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  1. Yes offcourse yashvin,a glass protector would have protect your mobile’s touchscreen, and it cost only Rs150.depending on the shocks received while falling,sometimes lcd get broken while touch remain intact,and sometimes it happens as yours,touchscreen get broken and lcd same, but poor you,for this model,you need to change both lcd and touchscreen. So next time better be careful, good luck for your new mobile in future.
    Dix sur dix ltee


  2. iphone 7 got announced like 2 days back .. :p

    nah, kidding, i’ve had my car keys scratch my phone too.. then finally like you i understood the importance of a backcover and the tempered glass.. however being still young, as long as it works i don’t really fancy on changing. nowadays for like 5k you can get a really good mobile phone so i don’t actually need to plan for change, sure doesn’t have to be latest android, thats just a gimmick, a phone of utilities you’ll actually use is worth considering. im sure you can tell since you even stopped using the nfc tags..


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