Kant to rode simin, baisse to vitre tinté au moins!

car tint pic


This is a topic that I wanted to blog about since long time but I could not do so without a picture, until yesterday when I noticed the ‘gray’ windows of my son’s car. #parenting lol.

Some drivers sometimes think that people can see through their windows tint and guess their intentions on the road. I am rather courteous on the roads but in these cases, I simply ignore these drivers. Probably some other driver will give them way but definitely not me!

In the 2 images below, the cars (shown by red arrows) need to get into the main road and they don’t have any priorities as compared to the other vehicles. In these cases, I find it important to see the driver or at least, see if he is making any hand signals. In this particular case, you can’t really rely on the turn signals as they might not be visible.

car priorities

We all know that plastic film tints are illegal in front windows of vehicles in Mauritius but yet, a large number of vehicles are still fitted with these tints. While the police occasionally fine these drivers, on the other hand, the officers at the National Transport Authority (NTA) are not lenient at all. In order to get a vehicle fitness certificate, drivers are requested to remove them immediately on the spot. Important to note that  very few vehicles have genuine non-plastic window tints and most of the times, these genuine tints won’t exceed the authorized legal tint limit. In case you missed my lengthy detailed post, click here to read.

So, if you are driving a car with front plastic window tints, please roll them down the next time you are trying to get into a main road… And please, remove them because front plastic window tints are illegal!

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