Update (28th March 2016) :

All charges have been abandoned against Ish, following his case discussed in court today. He is now planning to sue the police and claim for damages.

Today, I feel even more disgusted by the system. The Rs220 millions guy spent only a few hours behind bars while the Rs144 millions one is planning to rule over the island instead of staying 12 months in jail. Oh, how can I forget the one hiding in France and the other one in Italy.

They only needed to buy time and prove that they are taking the matter seriously. They framed a hero. I even heard that they were pathetic in court. But yet, they arrested the same one whose expertise surprised more than one in a court of justice. In a matter of a few days, he won the trust of many people. As an IT professional, I was amazed by this guy and I know that I’m not the only one. Call him whatever you want but he is definitely neither a hacker nor a terrorist. Finding flaws in the work of others definitely doesn’t deserve to be punished nor hand-cuffed. He certainly does not worth millions but he earns my respect. We all know that he is innocent but yet, we are all helpless.

After all, how can we trust a system which has already punished a guy by putting him behind bars for 3 nights despite nothing has been proved yet nor condemned? And the worst thing is that he has to wait for a week like that while people were willing to stay odd hours in order to take a decision for the guys-with-millions.

Money and dirty politics : the only keys to success. Damn country!

“Merci Moris!”

Update (28th March 2016) :

All charges have been abandoned against Ish, following his case discussed in court today. He is now planning to sue the police and claim for damages.

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  1. I feel really sorry for Ish. This once again shows up the quirk in Mauritian law that permits arrest of anyone without any solid evidence. They use the “provisional charge” system to keep someone in detention. There have been many such cases that after some days/weeks the persons provisional charge is annulled by the court and the person goes free. In this case they are blaming Ish for being the manager of a cybercafe where someone probably used the facilities to send the email. To me, this means that anyone in business such as cybercafe facilities should better close-down for fear of being held responsible for the crimes of others? Anyhow, there is a serious problem with the system when innocent people can be held accountable for actions made by anonymous.


  2. I come from a generation of Mauritians where you realise the evil power of politicians and the police they control. You will always lose going against them. So you lay low until we vote them out of power (again). Please be careful about what you say online or permanently move to Europe and blog from there.


  3. I know this guy and i completely agree that he has not done this disgusting act ! he has not been given enough opportunity to justify himself….. Our system is really going the wrong way ! all his collegues were witnesses in this case ..they all agreed that Ish was with them at that time …but still he is undergoing all these sufferings ….. If a postman delivered a letter saying that mauritius would be attacked by terrorists , then would they have arrested the postman ?


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