Batman shot dead in Mauritius…

It is with deep regrets that I announce that Batman has been shot dead yesterday night by members of the Special Mobile Force somewhere around the forest of Daruty, Petit Raffray. The editorial team of has learnt from confirmed sources that our superhero was flying towards Grand Bay to fight against crime. Right now, it is impossible to say if Robin is safe and sound but it has been reported that around 100 of the species have already been shot on that same night.

Funerals were held earlier this morning in the incinerator of Mer Rouge after his body was collected by employees of the Ministry Of Agriculture.

Let me remind you that despite the resistance of some groups of people, the government approved this cull in the aim to control the number of bats in the island as they believe that the increasing population of these endemic species of bats are having a disastrous effect on our fruit plant. The authorities are targeting to bring down around 18,000 bats.


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  1. Unsurprisingly, the least sensible option has been chosen by Authorities, yet again.
    Did they even think about the root cause of the problem (imagine the normal food of these animals being wiped out since the clearing of forests for the purpose of devlopma, aka industrialisation of Dodoland whether for infrastructure or food-crops) instead of focusing on the end-result (economic losses for soi-disant fruit growers, but actually opportunistic fruit-tree owners).
    Expect the same thoughtless knee-jerk reaction when faced with the problems that the “smart”-cities (and the host of other Lepep-inspired ‘devlopma’ ideas) will bring…


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