No, a domain name cannot be ‘reserved’…


This news is making a buzz since this yesterday evening, especially among IT professionals and enthusiasts.

<!– Notice : This post aims to explain the topic to the general public, without going into technical stuffs.   –>

As far as I know and unless someone proves otherwise, you can either buy a domain or not. Period. Technically, we say, register a domain name and this action makes you the owner of the domain name for at least 1 year in exchange of a payment made at this specific moment.

Without going into details, the words used are

  • Creation Date – Date on which domain name was purchased / registered
  • Update Date – Date on which changes were last made to the domain name
  • Expiry Date – Date on which the contract between the owner and registry ends, normally after exactly X number of years from the creation date.

The registration date as such does not exist for the simple reason that this term has not been defined in Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers specs. Putting it really simple, the ICANN is the body which regulates and coordinates the technical aspects and structure which allows people around the world to access a specific web site or address using a unique identifier.

Despite that the authencity and source of the document is quite suspicious, however, if a “register date” proves to be a reality in our country, then the authorities should probably initiate an in-depth enquiry on the management of .mu domains since as specified above, the term does not technically exist in the internet jargon.

To sum up, the internet does not work like a restaurant whereby you can give a call to reserve a table for dinner.

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  1. You guys are going too far in this :).

    That whois server, is fishy, it is hosting a mug selling website! Its not even a valid whois server, why even go so many lines after! 😀


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