Back from a short business trip to Reunion Island

Our mission on the island consisted of collaborating with our local colleagues based in the Reunion Island’s office on a specific project. After landing in Reunion Island around mid-day on Tuesday, we headed directly to the office and started working straight-away.

When we left for Hotel Belle Pierre late in the evening, it was already pitch dark and after dinner, each one of us headed to our rooms because we were damn tired. On Wednesday, Hotel -> Office and back Office -> Hotel. And earlier this morning,  we checked out at the hotel with our luggage and headed to the office. Finally, we left office at around 3pm to grab the flight back to Mauritius.

No sight seeing nor anything like that. My DSLR camera remained in its bag during the whole trip. Just a few snapshots with my mobile.

bourbon beer

Things I liked : People and the beer 🙂

Things I did not like : The huge difference in price between both islands, despite we are only some 200 kms away.

Unfortunately, I will need a real holiday here in order to write reviews about the food and sight seeing.

Jeux des Iles de l’Océan Indien 2015

Although I didn’t come to the island for the games, we came across the same question several times :

Etes vous là pour les jeux?

The talk of the town remain the games but also, the on-going search of the possible debris of the MH370.

During the stay, I had the opportunity to come across many Mauritians here. Both planes were packed with fellow Mauritians going or coming back from Reunion Island to support our teams there. I also came across officials staying in the same hotel. I can say that it wasn’t a holiday trip for them either. They came back to the hotel pretty late in the evening and left soon after breakfast. This said, I should mention that sometimes, it is surprising not being able to physically differentiate between a Mauritian and a local (Reunionais), lol.

Coming to the organisation of the games and the different scandals (as Paul Berenzer would have said), it is sad that the games were used as a platform other than to promote the friendship and coorporation inbetween the islands. Several media reports about serious lacks in organisation logistics and brutal changes in rules (for example, national anthems and flags) have practically tarnished the image of the members of the COJI.

From what I read, Mauritius might again be chosen to host the games in 2019. So, we simply need to prove that we can do better. Even better than the JIOI 2003 held in Mauritius and I don’t think that will be difficult.

I grab this opportunity to wish good luck to all of our fellow Mauritians!

Allez Moris!!!

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