Tablet restrictions to be removed because of the incompetency to secure them!

tablet penta

Sometimes, you need to end the week with a good joke! Nothing better than today’s statement by Mr Vasant Bunwaree.

The Minister of Education has announced that the restrictions ‘implemented’ on the newly distributed tablets will be removed if and only if the students prove that they can be responsible about the usage of those ‘educational’ tablets.

haha, lol, rofl, lmao…

None of these words usually used to show someone’s amusement can actually express my state right now! What he did not tell is that they are incompetent in their job and can’t assume their responsibilities. So, instead of trying to fix things, they prefer to stay away from providing the kids with a new challenge. As announced at first, restrictions were implemented to prevent the students from accessing social networks and other web sites. The new generation of kids did not just stand around doing nothing.

Some weeks back, the first tablets were ‘jail-broken’/ hacked / compromised or whatever bad-word the authorities used to qualify the action of some of the brillant kids. Kudos to them! Personally, I find that they brought shame to the rotten system!

As per reports in the local media, it was as simple as :


A bad political move

IMHO, the government ( yet again) finds itself in a very embarrassing situation especially when there are high concerns about the security of the new biometric identity cards. Only a few days back, the same minister was severely condemning the action of those students who bypassed the security system of an educational tablet for other personal uses. Those same uses which were at that time qualified as ‘unauthorized’ and not in the initial agreement between the government and the students. Suddenly, now the minister is backing up with today’s announcement. At one time, he even mentioned punishing those college students who dared to turn the authorities into stupid donkeys!


The problems with the tablets are not something new. More than a month back, several problems were noted in those tablets and even none of the insurance companies wanted to insure those cheap tablets. Read more in this post here.

I repeat, again, giving away free tablets was not a wise decision.

Bane incompétents, lev paké aller ene fois!

Bon weekend to everyone!

8 thoughts on “Tablet restrictions to be removed because of the incompetency to secure them!

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  1. Why blame the government when the society itself promotes these kind of moves. It’s sad to see where we are all heading towards, and no one can be trusted to set things right. 🙂

    I have got one good reason not to have tablets introduced to students :

    I do not say tablets are wrong, but they should be used wisely and not create a dependence on it. Just like we had provided loan facilities for computers, we could have done the same for tablets if really necessary.

    It will be for the parent to identify the needs of his child and invest accordingly.

    If we really want the development of a child why not start introducing ethics and moral values since the beginning. Create a nice atmosphere in schools that can inspire the child to be a good person first along with acquiring knowledge, so that he is able to make positive use of that knowledge in the future for his country and his society.


    1. You might be right but unfortunately the context is different. As I wrote in my previous posts, much better initiatives could have been taken instead of giving away tablets without any real objective and infrastructure set up. It’s just a political thing which they unfortunately can’t use as accomplishment during their next campaign. It will be a shame especially after all these problems, revealed by 15 years old kids lol.


  2. Your title is wrong – ”
    Tablet restrictions to be removed because of the incompetency to secure them!” It should be “Tablet restrictions to be removed by clever young tinkerers”.


    1. Thanks for the link 😉

      Like many issues, I think that they were mostly caused by a political motive and lack of implementing a vision. The examples are numerous in our country. Educational tablets can surely become a good tool in our education system but we can’t just promise to give away tablets. More urgent matters need to be handled beforehand.


  3. p met foss foss sekiriT lor tablet ek pa fini p dir database fingerprint sekure….p vine kuyone dimoune ici


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