Why doesn’t engaging into politics appeal to me?

Hello everyone.

You simply can’t miss it! It’s all over the media. The ongoing discussion about the electoral reform, the second republic and the famous “white paper” will definitely be the talk of the town for some more time while those scandals will be put aside until the National Assembly resumes in approximately one month’s time. Bref, it’s neither for the country’s nor population’s interest but for them and how life can be made easier to rule over the country, its assets and population.

I can’t say that politics doesn’t fascinate me but there’s one thing for sure, I love listening to all those politicians and their sides of the stories. The same politicians over and over again. So many times, I have heard several people desperately requesting the older generation of politicians to step down and give a chance to youngsters to engage themselves in politics. But I believe that there’s one thing that they fail to understand.

Most youngsters nowadays prefer to stay away from the word “Politics”. They simply do not care about the country’s politics anymore. Far from what some people think, these youngsters cannot be blamed for this complete disinterest. There are so many examples which probably don’t need to be quoted here. And the latest one is the sudden reunification of the two leaders.

I believe that the greed for more power and absolute control over the country has spoiled the real enthusiasm and interest for politics in Mauritius and probably in many countries of the world too. To be able to sustain those top positions, the leaders have successfully built a real ecosystem, leaving the population at their mercy. Just have a look at those companies financing the political parties, those so-called “religious” organizations, the die-heart followers and those thousands of fans.

Sadly, each and every one of them is after something, sometimes in the form of a job, a piece of prime land, a contract, a procurement bid, a governmental favor or for some briani. In creole, we call them “bane rodère boute“. And as long as this mentality isn’t going to change, I personally feel that no sincere youngster is going to engage himself or herself in this dirty world where one’s profit and ego are far beyond the real will to contribute to the development of the country, of course, without expecting something in return.

I can’t deny the good work done during all those years since our independence but sometimes, you need to see on the other side of the coin too. Reading independent newspapers and listening radio stations can help. Watching the national television will make things worst and right now, I do not know if we can rely on the “Opposition” party anymore.

Just my two cents. You totally have the right to disagree and you can even share your point of view too.

7 thoughts on “Why doesn’t engaging into politics appeal to me?

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  1. Si dimounes zeunes couma ou pas rode fer chanzement, chanzement zamais pou arriver, mo camouade. Ou bizin fer premier pas. Eski ou p attane ki tou zafaire alle en couyonade pou chanze ou lavi. Banne zeunes bizin realiser ki zote represente la populasse. Zote bizin comprend ki zote bizin casse status quo – bizin fou religions et communaute en dehors politiques.

    Amene ene vision et travaille pou tous moriciens – meme si zote hindous, mulsumans, sinois, kreole, etc, gay, hetero, bi, noire, maron, zaune, blancs, etc. Moriciens dabord!!! Banne partis ki sectaire (ena 1 dans plaine verte et ene lot ki touletan ena involvemnet dans banne zafaire louches) c banne partis racistes ki pas reconnaite ki politiciens bizin travail pou tous mauriciens.

    Oui ena plusieurs cultures mais sa pas bizin influence ki livres nou capave importer par examples. Morice banne boucou livres. Ou faudrai pas ki religions et cultures empeche ou gagne ene promotion ou ene travail.

    Sa banne chanzemans la – bizin sa generation Y decide break status quo la. Si reste assizer derriere lecran et poster lor facebook (10000 youths movement par exmeple) alors ki bizin marcher et amene vrai chanzement, bizin marcher.

    Montrez votre mauriciannisme.


  2. Well sometimes this lack of interest in politics causes many of us citizens to refuse to vote. What eventually happens is that most of them do not vote and only those “Roder boutes” as you call them cast their votes in favour of their parties and thus a minority decides the fate of this country.

    We all think that if we do not vote, we are not responsible to whatever happens to our country because of the politicians chosen by the minority, but this is not true. Our refusal to act is equally responsible for the state of our country.

    So we all need to think about our country first if we really care about it.

    Do vote, it is not only your right but your duty.


  3. The young generation of today begins to realise that the life of politics depends upon only certain families and people benefiting from it. for youngsters who sees Mauritius as a future from a bird’s eye view will only conclude that Mauritius cannot be an island of good management unless people who are not money eaters stand up. Sincere politicians are stuffs way behind the line to be thought about, The way life is becoming nowadays, each and every single politician just eager for power, well, in the end we just conclude that politics is just a dirty game to get involved about.

    From point of views of youngsters, I conclude that politics is something to be admired about where there is fun, you see all those scandals and stuffs , you might see a huge group of youngsters going just for the fun. But What politics really should bring us isn’t really focus about. I wonder if retired politicians at the end of their career, during the days of staying in bed do realise , What if i did do something else for my country, maybe today i would had been known for a good thing. Maybe none of them realise that, because where money is concerned, most of them wouldn’t even worry a freaking thing about the quiet population.

    Families involving in politics has always been the same , thus always the internal rotation. In a world of today, Where freedom of expression is becoming a big issue in the society, I still remember the people getting to prison last year about abuse of power in politics, well.. how can we youngsters follow such a trend where it is most likely injustice to people? Will our life ever change due to politics? Well.. Oxygen is the only gas to breath

    The amount of money spent on stuffs which are way beyond imagination, which do not even give satisfaction to the population, Example the new roads, Well.. In the end when you wonder these stuffs, you conclude that Everything is only based on money and nothing else. There might be people who have the smallest home in the island who are poor , but nothing done to maybe change their state of life, but considering spending without a good cause, you find millions and billions of money being spent without thoughts.

    I conclude saying that younger generation to ever engage in politics are way far to be thought about, unless we get a leader who would actually understand what is best for the island.


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