Yashvinblogs Awards 2013


Good morning ladies and gentlemen!

After the worldwide success of the first edition held last year, it is with an immense pleasure that I’m welcoming all of you today for the second edition of the unique and most awaited (lol) award in Mauritius, I named, the Yashvinblogs Awards!

Before proclaiming the results, I want to thank every one who helped in organizing this annual event and especially to sponsors without whom, this event would not have been possible. So, please, when you surfing on this blog, do not hesitate to have a look and click on the adverts displayed here, normally on the sidebar, at the top of the post and somewhere in the post’s content  🙂

On the same note, it was unfortunate that female nominees for the awards were nearly inexistent for the year 2013. For this same reason, you will notice that some awards simply have no winner. Too bad!

And the winners are…

Let’s now discover those who truly deserve to be in The Yashvinblogs Awards 2013 :

  • Best Actor – Chedummbrum ( Movie : MITD )
  • Best Actress – No one!!! (I can’t find any names to put here!)
  • Best Actor in a comedy roleBuntipilli ( Movie : Motorway U-Turn)
  • Best Actress in a comedy roleMiss Mauritius 2013
  • Best Actor in a supporting rolePatrik ( Movie : Les mensonges )
  • Best Actress in a supporting roleKalianee ( Movie : Les mensonges )
  • Best Actor in a villain roleYatin ( Movie : Fast and Furious 7 )
  • Best Actress in a villain roleMireille ( Movie : Les indésirables )
  • Most Promising newcomer Actor  Pandit Trou o Biches
  • Most Promising newcomer Actress  No one!!! (I can’t find any names to put here!)
  • Best Director – Navin ( Movie : Contrôle à distance )
  • Best Song – Maryer zot
  • Best Story – Yatin ( Movie : Fast and Furious 7 )
  • Best Movie – Say No to biometric ID Card!
  • Best Profit-making – Des caméras et encore des caméras
  • Best Thriller Fast and Furious 7
  • Lifetime Achievement Award – Paul (Movie: Remake 2000)
  • Special Jury award – Robin Sharma

Thank you for being regularly on the blog and wish all of you a nice weekend everyone!

Take care!

19 thoughts on “Yashvinblogs Awards 2013

Add yours

      1. Her coffee shop in the new airport did have some impact… By d way your forgot the ‘Parti Malin..’ God knows in which category he falls!!! lol!


  1. Buntipilli ( Movie : Motorway )

    Motorway?? Non, “U-Turn” plito…!

    Enn fim mari bom sa, ar Sean Penn siouplé!


  2. Best Actor in a supporting role – Patrik ( Movie : Les mensonges )

    From the aftermath of Fast & Furious, Patrik’s performance gets a thorough beating (no pun intended) from the Allet-Issack duo meeting Jeannot-père (behind the Champ de Mars paddock)! 🙂

    Fim pa manké dan ha péi-la do!!!


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