Car washing like a boss

While driving back from Flic en Flac two weeks ago, this particular scene at Beau Songes made me drove back to this particular spot but this time, armed with my camera. Indeed, I saw it right, although for just a second, the time I probably took to drive pass it. For those who know this area of Beau Songes, you probably recognize the river besides the temple, found to your left when you are driving from Quatre Bornes to Flic en Flac.

As you can see, the person (carefully, I hope) drove his car right in the middle of the river to give it a wash with the help of the little guy, most probably his son.

I wonder if he has ever made any wrong calculations about the level of water.

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    1. I think this car washing activity has to be polluting even though he (let’s assume) is using green products. Why? Cause of the naturally greasy materials that are washed from the car parts into the river. E.g. See how roads/surfaces are greasy at bus stations and garages


      1. I can’t disagree on this point. But washing cars by river side is very common, even during the water wastage restriction period and I don’t think that authorities have taken any action.


  1. Green products or not, washing vehicles with canal / river water is strictly forbidden. Driving a car to the middle of a water course (it did not just land there) is also to be examined: the oil/grease and brakepad dust from the undersides are already toxic substances that should earn the driver heavy fines.

    But as usual in Dodoland, pas vu = pas pris. Or even if “pris”, our justice system is so perfect that he will escape with a benefit of doubt


  2. This proves one thing : there’s a looong way to go to educate people in Mauritius in terms of pollution and of respect for the environment. This same man might, tomorrow, be among those complaining over the problem of water shortage due to pollution as it will be some time or another in our country.


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