Fresh and new look out here… Welcome back!


Warm welcome to the new version of the blog.

As you noticed at first glance, the look and feel around the blog have changed. For months, I was actively looking for something new to give a fresh look to the blog, which had not been revamped since January 2009! It was very hard for me to find something different from other blogs. And finally, yesterday, I came across the DW Minion theme. Wow. It was exactly what I wanted!

Le coup de coeur ❤

I was so impatient to try the new free theme but first of all,  I wanted to change the colors a bit to suit my personal taste. I also need to add a few plugins but I will try to keep them to a minimum this time. Customizing the theme is not completed yet but I decided to put it online so that you can share your views about what can be improved and what you want to see more.

For the next few days, I will definitely look forward to your suggestions and try to see how we can work things together. There are a few things I still need to work out meanwhile.

Thanks for your time on my blog and keep rocking 🙂

15 thoughts on “Fresh and new look out here… Welcome back!

Add yours

    1. I loved the previous one too.
      I had the option to make it responsive or go on a new one. I think that after 4 years with the previous design, it was high time to give a fresh look too. Thanks for your suggestion. Let’s wait for others to see 🙂


  1. Though the light blue is a soothing colour, the personality of the blog is lost as it now looks like many other websites out there. A minimalist theme would have been better as the focus has been taken away from the blog post (which people come here to read) and replaced with an icon bar/ intro column before the juicy bit.

    On a plus side, the site looks good on small devices but I feel you’ve been in a haste to jump on the responsive bandwagon.


    1. yeah lol, a bit hasty yes, I must admit.
      But I will definitely take into consideration your feedback as well as others to make it even better, and stand out of the crowd 🙂
      I’m thinking to change the color of the left sidebar lightly to help people to differentiate focus between the main content and the “extras”. Perhaps it might be a good thing.

      Thanks 🙂


  2. I like the new layout and and as carrotmadman6 said…the icons are barely visible..otherwise, all’s good in the hood..;)


  3. Beurk!

    No, just kidding – of course its much better!!
    What did you do to get that crisp, sharp feel for fonts and everything else: it’s much more readable as if on a Mac screen?


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