What’s your dress code for work?

G.Morning everyone!

Monday: Probably one of the most hated day of the week. πŸ˜›

While dressing up for work earlier today, I flashed back at how different life was as compared to some years ago. I’m not talking about the endless hours of overtime, which I actually liked at that period of my life when I had no huge responsibilities. It is more about how my dress code changed and consequently, my wardrobe too.


Years back, it was only shirts, trousers and well-polished shoes. And a tie for days on which I needed to go to the clients’ sites. But when the company announced Fridays as “dress-down days”, practically everyone got in their jeans and t-shirts with great pleasure and enthusiasm.

I was far from thinking that there could be even better until I changed workplace and wardrobe too. Since then, whenever I come across some friends or acquaintances on a normal working day, I get those surprised looks when I tell them that I’m not on holidays :

dress what

I believe that wearing jeans and polo shirts /shirts along with some sports shoes / tennis is actually good and helps to put yourself more at ease at work, as long as you don’t need to attend any formal meetings or meet clients of course. From time to time, you may occasionally want to put back those formal clothes and shoes just to take the “old” stuffs out of the wardrobe a bit.

More companies should allow their staff to be casually dressed if their business allows them to. Of course, shorts or sandals should be banned unless the company’s premises is found somewhere along the beautiful coast πŸ™‚

What is your company’s dress code policy?

11 thoughts on “What’s your dress code for work?

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  1. As a designer we never had a dress code at work… it could be anything!!! And now working from home it’s more like I wake up and work in what i slept with…sometimes just a t-shirt and panties πŸ˜›


  2. I am now working from home most of the time but whenever i need to meet clients, it’s usually casual. Jeans & Tshirts or sometimes semi-formal if it’s a big client.

    I don’t really like to impose on what to wear at work. At the end of the day, you’re just giving your employees another thing to worry about and in my line of work, this should ideally be the last thing to do.


  3. at my previous job i use to be in polo shirt and jeans
    however im having to dress formal for the current one — hate it πŸ˜›


  4. It varies depending on the work place. In an American multi-national company ties were frowned on. Open neck shirt was more acceptable. Some engineers would dress in typical Texas style, jeans and cowboy boots. At one place I also wore khaki with Arab head-dress but that was working in the desert. It is better to have a relaxed style and feel comfortable in the work place.


  5. We have got a strict dress code policy where I work :p

    Formal from Monday to Thursday, Friday we are allowed to wear Casual Polo shirts and jeans, unless there is a client visit! πŸ™‚


  6. hmmm.actually at school we do wear uniform…..recently our school uniform changed from shirt and tunic to polo shirt and skirt..for me the polo shirt is the most comfortable…


  7. Dress Code is semi formal. Funny thing.. 2 months back I was in Tie for 2 weeks and everyone was suprised to see me. I just asked them if they remember their Dress Code. Boys are in Shirts mostly long sleeves and pants and its a real pleasure to come in on Friday Dress Down. But Girls are Dressing Down the whole week. They even come in sandals.

    Yashvin you mention these were days at DCDMC. Those were cool. There was a time during that project, where I did not have a shave and hair cut for months. But we still keeping up with the semi formal :p But when we coming in on Week end specially sundays.. Shots, Slippers or even pyjamas haha


  8. Currently its formal 4 days a week..&& Dressing down on Fridays..

    I really miss the days when i could go to works in shorts and flip flops πŸ˜›

    It was soo much less of a hassle..just grab the 1st thing u see, when u open ur wardrobe πŸ˜›


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