Slight technical mistake – 20 speed cameras disabled until further notice.

When I noticed a few persons around the Mr Bricolage’s speed camera around 2pm, I thought that they were probably going to paint the pole as they did in Bambous recently. I parked and immortalized this moment with my camera before uploading it on Facebook. Couple of hours later when I came across an article on the newspaper, Weekend, I understood what they were up to.

All the new speed cameras recently installed on our roads ( View map) won’t be operational until further notice, probably till 1st June 2013, as reported by the media. Indeed, the Minister Anil Baichoo confessed that there was a “slight technical mistake” in the cameras whose implementation costed around Rs172.2 millions.


Ever since their operation, the cameras have been randomly flashing vehicles driving under the speed limit. Foreign experts have been called for their help and finally, a few days later, there’s this news that the cameras have a ‘fault’. The authorities are working on this problem and might also disgard (all?) speed excess cases recorded.

Poor Baichoo. His bad times are back again. I wonder how slight the mistake can be, especially if they had to disable the cameras! LOL!

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  1. Instead of doing such bullshit, they should have covered the country with Wi-fi. Sppedcameras in a country with a population count of 1.2M. I can’t live here anymore.


  2. Ah, the pleasures of copy-paste (preferably from some Western country – lafranss / langglétérr or mozeu-inndya) without any planning, nor adaptation to local context…

    Mauritius, c’est un plaisir!


  3. Slight mistakes like this can also undermine your credibility. That’s a free tip to Labour-worshippers out there.

    Now, what would the State have paid if the tender was really fair and transparent: lower, higher?


  4. Add this glaring example of non-planning to the list of “slight technical mistakes”, like the speed cameras, the fire extinguishers, the motorcycle speedometers, the retroreflective number plates, etc, etc.

    The batt-batté culture in full swing!


      1. What speed limiter are you talking about – the ones that work so well that 70% of the buses AND trucks on the motorway always find a way to overtake me driving at 80-90km/hour?


  5. Ah, slight technical mistake yes, but the system is still generating

    these figures – the year-on-year number of dead for 2012
    so, the (speed camera + retroreflective number plate + permis à points)
    combination is definitely NOT a way of curbing road fatalities.


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