“Bonbonnes gaz” : Yellow ones to be eventually replaced by red ones.


For those who use the yellow gas cylinders for domestic use (for cooking or in your gas water heaters), things might change in some time. You might have probably noticed that less retail outlets are now selling the yellow gas cylinders. I personally noted that retailers and even Total Fuel pump stations have stopped the sale of the yellow gas cylinders to new buyers. However, they are still available for any existing customers who are already using the yellow ones.



To reassure you, the guys at a few fuel pump stations told me that the company (Total Mauritius Ltd) will gradually replace all yellow cylinders by the red ones. At some point of time, the company will then be requesting existing customers to exchange their yellow “adapter” for a red one, free of cost.

When I emailed Total Mauritius, I was told, I quote:

“[…]nous avons l’intention  de remplacer les bouteilles jaune par les rouge dans certain régions de l’île afin d’avoir une bonne gestion logistique.


According to me, it also makes sense since both yellow and red cylinders were commercialized by Total Mauritius and probably it is more profitable to concentrate on one product only instead of creating useless competition in between them.


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  1. We changed from yellow to blue some time back, because the new gas water heater wouldn’t work with our old yellow “bobonn” — the pressure delivered by the regulator was too low. It works well enough with the blue ones, but the blue regulator tends to lose its rubber joint while changing bobonn and we had to buy a new regulator time and again, almost as if we had to change regulator at the same time as changing bobonn.


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