Mauritian Minister of Justice accused of beating a driver after accident.

The news is all over the headlines of the different newspapers today. A 19 years old driver reported being beaten by the Minister of Justice, Yatin Varma, after their cars collided in an accident yesterday in Sodnac, Quatres Bornes. While the minister is denying this incident,  a witness  confirmed the story to the police.

Will justice prevail? What will be the immediate actions taken following the accusations?

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  1. So bandaz lor so lébra résemblé bandaz ki ti ena lor latet Kishore D. quand ti ena laguerre dans parlement. Ek linn poz li bien en évidence lor latab ler photgraphe inn tire photo.


  2. Quite surprising. Yatin Varma is one the rare mauritian politician who normally shows ponderation in his attitude.


  3. If this is a true report then I believe he acted out of shock and anger because his children and father were with him in the car. Probably not his usual attitude but due to a shock state.


  4. Suppose you hit me, and I report you to police for wounds and blows, the first things that the police would do in such a ‘prima facie’ case would be to arrest the accused. Here, the accused is gleefully posing for a photograph.
    In his place, one would wonder: did he hurt himself in the accident, or when beating up the accuser? Or is the accuser conspiring with all forces of the galaxy to lay such an accusation against the Attorney General?
    My next move would be to watch what the eye-witness says now and in the future.


  5. “Will justice prevail?”

    Just to share a recent experience with you: I happened to be driving back home on lane 3 (fast lane) as from the end of Montée/Virage de la Mort Soreze at about 18:15 yesterday. As usual, I had flipped on the anti-glare on the rear-view mirror, and engaged on a long climb towards Réduit.

    Well before arriving there, a motorcade arrived behind me. Without hesitation, I activated the left-turn signal, waiting for a space to open up on my left for merging to lane 2 and let them go. No, no-one yeileded, so I continued along lane 3 at about 108-109km/h along that uphill section up to Bagatelle. But meanwhile, the two motorcyclists at the front of the motorcade were hooting, with full-beams flashing, sounding the screeching alarms in my rear – it was abominable, and instead of feeling my usual anger, I felt as if I was being pursued like a criminal in some movie. The motorcyclists were completely oblivious of the fact that lanes 2 and 1 were actually at crawling speed due to many buses and lorries clogging them, with all the other lighter traffic unable to overtake on lane 3. There was no (safe or unsafe) way of giving way. These two kept bullying me until we arrived at the level of the Bagatelle bridge, where they overtook me – one on the left, and the other one on the right – and I was finally able to merge on my left, but with an overwhelming urge to vomit, I pulled up on the lay-by and just sat there wondering what would have happened if I had been made to hit some other vehicle while giving way or the one which had overtaken me on my left…

    When I realised that it could have been some Yatin-like person at the wheel of one of these vehicles forming part of the motorcade, I was sick. Where did they train to ‘open-up’ traffic? Do they have any notion of what a road-accident injuries looks like, especially those on two-wheelers?

    Will there ever be a justice for punishing these acts of road bullying?


  6. It’s all over the place now: after more than 6 witnesses came forward – after being reassured by, ahem, the PM himself that they should not fear any reprisals – 2 of them in favour of the the Minister retracted.

    Apparently negotiations had been underway since 19 May with the help of PPS Reza Issack and MPA’s Maurice Allet as self-appointed agwas in view of finding a way of reaching an out-of-court settlement.

    Now that the news is public, with big-mouthed Reza spilling his guts on R+ yesterday and getting himself splattered by the mud he was trying to contain, and after so many articles explaining with pornographic-level details how it all happened (except for Le Matinal, of course, finding only one article so far to post on that saga), the PM ordered Yatin to step down.

    But wait, in the meantime, the poor Attorney General found a way to take poison by mistake (according to VOH’s Unnoop), and found hiimself admitted to a private hospital for treatment.

    Now, he was finally in a state to submit his resignation as AG.

    WOW, nice saga. Pistass fini, cinéma continié!

    If Bollywood or Hollywood story-writers need inspiration, come to Dodoland by any means!


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