Map of Mauritius showing free WiFi hotspots


Hi everyone!
Great to see you here again 🙂

One of my friends, Junaid R, suggested me to come up with a map showing free WiFi areas in the island. Indeed, wonderful idea especially after the huge success of the speed cameras map. I will also grab this opportunity to see how I can open access to this map so that you can add new WiFi zones. But on the other hand, I’m quite reluctant to allow anyone to edit the map. We all know how some people can be mischievous.

As usual, feel free to share known free WiFi areas by dropping a comment. For those who attended my wedding, don’t list my free WiFi wedding hall. And please, try to avoid sharing WiFi of your neighbours. Wait! After all, why not?


[update] Rose Hill Transport

Interesting point to add in this post is that free WiFi is available in most buses of the Rose Hill Transport company, along routes they serve. How does it work? When you enter one of the RHT buses, you will see the free WiFi sign. You then need to SMS to 499 26 90 at the normal tariff of a SMS.

The WiFi code is texted back to you.
(Thanks to Corrina C for reminding me of this “mobile” free WiFi hotspot network)


At this time, we are quite at an early stage of getting a complete directory of all free WiFi areas in the island. Hopefully, many among you will be willing to participate and share known areas.

Each of your submissions is the most welcomed!


26 thoughts on “Map of Mauritius showing free WiFi hotspots

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  1. At Bagatelle you need to be in the range of Orange. If you are at the top end of the mall there is no coverage. The e+i-shop and Apex do not give public access.


      1. Yes i’m sure. Was at phoenix last week and it worked fine. At Port-Louis last time i was there it wasn’t working properly but it was there. In the screenshot below you have both wifi names and the ‘foodcourt’ one is at Trianon Shopping Park Food Court.


      1. Nope..heard it’s free…will have to go check it..but my bro in law works in that field and told me it was free…


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