Government steps down, again : Halting distribution of “Repas Chaud” program in ZEP schools



As per the “Repas Chaud” program, about Rs1500 per student is spent monthly in providing food in each ZEP school. The menu distributed included briani, noodles, fried rice and sometimes even dholl pourri. At the time of launch of this program, no restrictions or instructions were provided to caterers about the food and service they need to provide.  Is the govt waiting for incidents to happen so that they can bring necessary amendments to improve, playing with the life of innocent students.

The food poisoning of 90 primary students in the west of the country after having consumed food distributed in their ZEP (Zone Education Prioritaire) school could have turned into a real chaos if the incident had more serious consequences. The permit and contrat to the caterer was immediately suspensed. Unfortunately, deeper analysis in the contents of food from other schools has revealed the presence of a bacteria (“E. coli”).

Yesterday, the Government has finally taken the decision to stop the distribution of “Repas, replacing the distributed food by …. bread, butter and cheese until suitable food caterers satisfying the following criteria are hired:

  • Certified HACCP (Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points) ;
  • Abiding to strict measures for preparation, transportation and distribution of food
  • Only 300 dishes per caterer

Why the word “Again” in the title?

Do you remember the yellow vehicle license platesfire extinguishers and the Permis à Points? Following the huge confusion and lack of professionalism shown towards the implementation of new license plates, the government finally had to remove any deadlines and nothing is communicated to add any more confusion.

The next big thing? I feel that the free distribution and use of tablets will also be stupidly done. Let’s see…

The country is clearly in wrong hands when you analyse the bad state of things since some months now. I find a big lack of vision and haste in implementing announced measures to prove that the Government is indeed working towards the well-being of the population.

Is there somewhere a fear that they are not working enough to satisfy the demands and needs?

12 thoughts on “Government steps down, again : Halting distribution of “Repas Chaud” program in ZEP schools

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  1. Drastic measure to stop the hot meals for the kids. However, if E-coli is detected then you need to take action. That bacteria can be deadly for kids. This is a serious situation which shows a lack of hygiene in food preparation. The contracts are obviously allocated to non-professional caterers like small snack places who operate with dirty kitchens. Food is probably not stored at the right temperatures nor cooked properly to kill off bacteria. Reinforcement of food hygiene regulations is necessary. Even the proposed temporary alternative needs attention as cheese can also be infected if not stored correctly.


  2. rs1500 per student monthly = rs68/day for 22 days and student got food+water+fruit. no wonder the food caterers have to look for cheap food to buy and cook. i bet if the authorities went to the latters’ store for utensils and other things verifications.


  3. Sometimes we got no choice. For the security of the children, it’s better to serve them simple du pain fromage which is safe instead of poisonous repas chaud. It will indeed take some time to find a better solution to it. But frankly, 1500rs per head? That’s too much.


  4. E-Coli?
    Which means that, whatever process it has undergone someone somewhere did not clean his/her hands and utensils properly (at all?) before handling the raw materials and containers, and as a result the food has been contaminated by fecal matter…


    Speak of a caring government…


  5. 99pourcent banne parent donne zot zenfant dipain fourre

    sa zafer carry sou sou salade lisou impe drol pou so prix


  6. ene dipain oeuf molle +laitue+tomate Tr+fromage +ene sachet dilait

    apel sa ene repas complet et li cout moinse ki 50Rs


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