Win iPhone skins, free stickers and 35% discount from Mauritian site,


Yes, you read it right.

After the 10% discount valid up to 15 March 2013 in Clever Dodo boutique, another recently launched Mauritian site, is today offering free stickers and iphone skins as well as a whooping 35% discount using the coupon code “yashvin35” till 16th March 2013.


When MadDecals approached me, I was like… totally surprised by what they do, right here in Mauritius; They design and precisely cut stickers for some models of mobile phones as well as tablets for sale around the world. While the small team is trying to mark their presence on the Mauritian territory, they are also currently working hard to provide mobile/tablet “skins” for a larger range of brands and models. MadDecals also offers free shipping within the island.

If you are worrying about damaging your device, you will be glad to know that the stickers use a non-permanent glue and can easily be removed without any traces or residue.

The free giveaways

Okay. Now the free goodies: 6 iphone skins as well as 4 sets of high quality stickers which can be used anywhere; mobile, tablets, rooms or even on your cars!


Each worth $9.99 (1 per person):

  1. Iphone 5 Skin x 1 (Cherry Blossom)
  2. Iphone 4 Skins x 5 (Cube Green, Batman, Full Metal, Manga Bleach and Adopt Nature )

And 4 sets of stickers (mixed cartoons of different sizes) worth more than $9.99 each (1 per person)



How to get the free giveaways…

  • Step 1: Share this page on Facebook or Google+ or Twitter
  • Step 2: Add a link to your shared post in a comment below (so that I can check and validate your entry).

You got nothing to lose and it does not cost anything, so play the game!

On next Friday, the 22nd February, a lucky draw will be held and the winners will be picked randomly. Delivery of free stickers can either be made (1) freely by post within Mauritius or (2) the lucky winners can meet me and grab this opportunity to get a free autograph too. (lol, kidding).

Don’t forget the 35% off coupon code: “yashvin35“. As usual, I’m not receiving any cents on your purchases. Keep tuned to my blog for more deals and good luck to .

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