Permis à Points : Driving License Counterpart -> a burden


In the first post published on Monday, I talked about the launch failure due to a server problem on the first day itself. Today, I will be publishing more about the stupid “Driving License Counterpart” (here referred as DLCP), especially for those who will have to wait several weeks before laying their hands on theirs.

How it works?

Before going any further, let me quickly brief you about its use. The DLCP is a PAPER document which will be used to record all the points you scored after committing offenses on the road. Every driver starts with a balance of 0 points. The first driver to score 15 16 points will have his license suspended for a period of 6 months on top of the individual fines which still need to be paid. And things get worst if you win all the 15 16 points again after getting your licence back. lol ( And those with a Learner only will be penalized if they reach their 11th point)

I might cover this part in more details later on…

Do not fold!


This unique piece of document, the original one needs to be kept somewhere in your house where you won’t spill any coffee or tea on it. It needs to be produced only when you are going to court to pay for a fine or to attend your case related to an offense you committed. According to the genious technique they invented, they will feed your document to their printer so that your newly scored points can be printed on it.

If you damage the original document in any way, you will be required to pay an unspecified fee in order to print a fresh copy again. The authorities thought that giving away a free enveloppe with the DLCP will ensure that this piece of sh*t will be kept securely, without any damages.

Instead, they should have given a solid briefcase! Stupid people!

Instructions printed at the back of the Counterpart


I will just quote:

  1. Please do not fold this document
  2. You are requested to keep this licence counterpart in good condition
  3. In case of damage, a duplicate counterpart will be issued by the Licensing Officer upon payment of the prescribed fee. The damaged one will have to be surrendered.
  4. In case of loss, upon application, a duplicate counterpart will be issued by the Licensing Officer against payment of the prescribed fee and production of a memo from the Police Station where the loss has been reported
  5. An up to date photocopy of this document, in its actual size may be carried while you are driving and shall be produced when requested by a Police Officer, a Road Transport inspector or a Traffic Warden.
  6. The original of this counterpart together with the original licence card and National Identity Card of the licence holder must be produced at Court for payment of fines in respect of offences carrying Penalty Points
  7. In case of change of residential address, the licence holder has to call in person at the Licensing Office, bring along his original driving licence and original paper counterpart at the earliest possible
  8. Original or duplicate counterpart should not be plastified.

What about the photocopy?

counterpart photocopy

As written on their document, I quote:

“The paper counterpart and driving license card together make up the complete driving license“.

I have no words to describe their illiteracy when trying to redefine the term “driving license”. Anyway, you ALWAYS need to carry both your “driving license” and the photocopy of the counterpart when you are driving. The driving license was already a large piece of paper and now, they stacked another paper on top of it. Thankfully, you can fold the photocopy one. *devil*

The printout itself

So, now you got your original piece of Driving Licence Counterpart but as stupid as they can be, they have printed out the web address of their system altogether. *Facepalm*

counterpart printout

On top of that, they even need to strike out the following word and write it with a pen:


Over 500,000 documents to be printed

As per figured published, these are the number of documents that have been printed and will be distributed to all of the drivers in the island.

Wow, that makes a big deal of paper wastage and trees cut!

Maurice Ile Durable, C’est un Plaisir.

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  1. LOL there is a problem with administration in MRU. I suppose the signature part should read “signature on behalf of Licensing Officer”. They love paper here, must be a hereditary illness from the colonial days. My information is that any foreigner who is using the international license does not require the DLCP. However, if they commit a driving offence the points system will be applied and electronically recorded. I suppose the paper will eventually be redundant when the police force have a proper data network? As for showing their web address on the document that proves that they do not know how to use “page set-up”. As for MID = N/A ?


    1. ” I suppose the paper will eventually be redundant when the police force have a proper data network”

      Can you please stop supposing? 🙂 If I tell you that they still take your statements with pen-and-paper, not even a word-processor. Sorry, most police stations don’t even have a PC. Records are still searched for manually – a person goes at a records room somewhere in PLouis and searches through files and files. Just a question to make you understand that you’re too much in advance for Dodoland – do you remember that smart-phone that every policeman should be carrying? You’re speaking of something that will not come in, er, half a century. At least.
      Political people here are so fond of mimicking every fad from other devekopped nations, aping any gadgetry craze and never ever think about applicability to the local context, and other implementation / maintenance issues. No ground-up analysis and design.
      Just copy-paste.
      Monkeys, parrots, I tell you.

      Speak about “Cyber Island”…


      1. I understand what you are saying. However, the PM and his government is continuously talking about advancement ref modernisation in the police policy context. Added to that MRU is benefiting from several police and security training given by several countries. Then you have all those EU and other country grants. How to explain the use of old methods when financial and human resources are available? The answer must be the Dodoland attitude that you mention, i.e. mindset.


      2. Sometimes I just wonder where are those Laureats ? as from this year 68 nominees ? And we still need Foreigners to resolve our major issues !!! Are we really an independent country ?


  2. “Every driver starts with a balance of 0 points. The first one to score 15 points will have his license suspended for a period of 6 months on top of the individual fines which still need to be paid.”

    Can you please correct this. Many people have not yet understand the point system. In fact, your license is not suspended when you reach 15 points. It is in fact when you get your 16th point that your license is suspended and 11th point for those having Learner.

    Information confirmed from Mauritius Police Force.


  3. Les 19 délits sous le permis à points et le barème de déduction de points prévus sont les suivants :

    Délits Barème de déductions

    non-port du casque de moto 2 à 4 points
    refus de céder le passage prioritaire 3 à 6 points
    refus de s’arrêter lors d’un accident 4 à 8 points
    refus d’obtempérer aux instructions de la police 2 à 4 points
    usage du téléphone au volant d’un véhicule 2 à 4 points
    usage de véhicule sans les feux prescrits 3 à 6 points
    cargaison non-sécurusée sur véhicule 3 à 6 points
    non-respect de la priorité au passage piétonnier 4 à 6 points
    dédoublement de véhicule au passage piétonnier 4 à 6 points
    excès de vitesse (par moins de 25 km/h) à la limite 2 à 4 points
    excès de vitesse (par plus de 25 km/h) à la limite 4 à 6 points
    excès de vitesse (par plus de 50 km/h) à la limite 6 à 8 points
    non-port de la ceinture de sécurité au volant 2 à 4 points
    dédoublement sur ligne blanche 2 à 4 points
    non-respect des panneaux de signalisation 2 à 4 points
    conduite dangereuse 8 à 10 points
    conduite imprudente (section 123 c) 3 à 6 points
    non-respect des couloirs sur l’autoroute 3 à 6 points
    homicide involontaire et coups et blessures 8 à 10 points

    La disqualification du permis de conduire pour une période de six mois interviendra avec un cumul de 15 points pour les chauffeurs et de 10 points pour ceux détenant un Learner”

    Le chauffeur, dont le permis a été annulé pour la première fois, peut le récupérer de manière automatique suite à une demande officielle à l’expiration des six mois. “Attention, si ce chauffeur récidive et voit son permis être annulé une seconde fois avec les 15 points, il devra recommencer à zéro avec un Driving Test à la Traffic Branch après le délai de disqualification”, avertit la police.

    Le nouveau barème des amendes est le suivant :

    Infractions Amendes

    Excès de vitesse Rs 2 000
    Non-respect de Traffic Sign Rs 2 000
    Non-respect à la priorité (passage clouté) Rs 500
    Doublement sur le passage clouté Rs 500
    Usage de cellulaire au volant Rs 2000


  4. I fail to see the point of carrying the DLC around with me along with my driving licence. I mean, what will the police officer do after he sees my DLC? As far as I know, the DLC will be produced in court when there is any conviction. So, how does it help the police if I have my DLC with me or not when I’m driving? Moreover, even if I have exceeded 15 points, what’s to say that I won’t still have my first photocopy accompanying my licence? (the one showing 0 point)


  5. excès de vitesse (par moins de 25 km/h) à la limite 2 à 4 points
    excès de vitesse (par plus de 25 km/h) à la limite 4 à 6 points

    B si mo ti pe faire exactly 25 km/h plis ki limit?


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