Permis à Points: Launch failure

The worst thing that could have happened has actually occurred today on the first day itself : The central server crashed during the day, leaving the chaos in 21 Police Stations around the island. As per figures reported by the local press, less than 2,000 applications have been processed at the end of the day while a total of 10,000 applications were initially expected for this first day.

The authorities have longed been planning for this distribution of the “Driving Licence Counterparts” which will be done over several weeks and as per alphabetical order. At around 1330, I was in the premises of the Pope Hennessy Station when I learnt about this unfortunate crash of the server. The young girls in charge of the registration process were helpless while the queue was growing outside. Like several other persons, I left, frustrated and decided to come back later after work.

At 1730 in the evening, the server problem was not totally solved as it was not responding. My documents were finally photocopied and will be processed at a later time. Hopefully, they will call me in a few days to collect the “Driving Licence Counterparts”.

The proof that I have been there at 1730: right on MBC news bulletin 😛


Incompetency is the right word.

Another serious incident which proved that the authorities are so unprofessional and incapable of doing their job properly. A server crash, probably because of high workloads they failed to plan. How silly can they be?


Just a suggestion: Instead of launching the “Permis à Point” thing AT THIS TIME, they could have

  1. Seriously enforced the presence of police on the roads, especially near night clubs etc to prevent people from driving their cars once drunk. This will definitely save lives. There’s a category of people who simply dont care; Money is their power and even the “Permis à Points” won’t prevent them from abusing of their power.
  2. Directly including the Permis à Points System in the electronic Identity Card project which has probably already started. This will definitely save money, prevent waste of paper works and all the stupid things they are doing to launch this on paper.

And they dare say we are a cyber island!

20 thoughts on “Permis à Points: Launch failure

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  1. Many people working in the government lack competencies.
    I blame the IT guy and whoever recruited him 😛

    This could have been easily avoided ( disaster planning )
    I would have built a cluster of SQL servers and have the traffic load balanced between them … EASY



    1. Don’t tell them how you fool, they are paid for that. Have you seen the new PRB modified reports !!! I was dismissed from the N*B just because I insisted on the use of FREE software and free DB as MySQL !!!


  2. There was the 2K bug but this is a counterpart bug. If this was a difficult exercise then can you imagine what will happen for the new identity cards?


  3. Yashvin on MBC!!! Wow… Seriously, this will not be THE solution to the actual problem. Some A holes will keep driving carelessly and never get any sanction as they are the sons or daughters or nephews, cousins etc of X, Y Z personality. Mauritius is corrupted to the roots and we ‘le people admirable’ do nothing but water it everyday with our ‘lassoer aller’ attitude…sad sad world 😦


  4. Aah… I knew I saw your double on TV last evening… From what I could see for some seconds, he was really pissed off. Yashvin would have surely blasted the cameras for filming his utter frustration about the whole failing process 🙂


  5. By d way, mo croire ene strategy MBC ek Govnt sa…passe toi lor tv… Telmen to populaire pu zot c ene moyen montrer ki meme ‘YASHVIN’ p ale pren so permis… Et le fait ki to pa ine casse camera la..bein zot passe pu ban top 😛


  6. I wonder what kind of system they built. Assuming there were 5 laptops connected to the server per police station. That makes possibly around 100 connections simultaneously (5 * 20 police stations). So their server can’t handle 100 connections simultaneously???


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