Do you have a scary identity card picture too?

Most of us keep it on ourselves, handy and ready for use whenever needed. But yet, there’s an undeniable truth about it : Many feel ashamed of the portrait picture featuring on it. Have you ever got those strange looks when people trying to compare yourself with your ID card picture?

Typical facial expressions on the ID card picture :

  • Scared
  • Shocked
  • Under high pressure
  • Surprised

Finding someone with at least a small smile on their identity card picture is so rare! Mission Impossible!

How do you look on your identity card?

Bon weekend! Have a nice time!

16 thoughts on “Do you have a scary identity card picture too?

Add yours

  1. Missing in the list:
    – abominably old and out-of fashion hair-style
    – unprepared to the time of taking of the shot (laughable as hell)
    – lacking light intensity: only teeth and eyes standing out in the dark picture
    – incredibly bad background (that dark red gives normal people a “serial-killer” look at times
    – “oily-skin” face: it’s hot in Port Louis, eh?
    – tilted head

    Hope to receive more from you people…


  2. mdr déjà ils prennent la photo avec quoi une espèce de webcam ou de je sais pas quoi …. j’ai l’air totalement différente des autres photos que j’avais prise ce jour là et quand je montre ma carte aux gens ils rigolent et disent que je suis trop bizarre dessus …. c’est vrai je sais pas pourquoi, jusqu’à la forme de mes cheveux a changé quoi ^^ bref elle reste bien BIEN cachée dans mon portefeuille


  3. I look seriously annoyed, sweaty and clearly moody on mine since firstly I had to wait hours for it to be taken and when finally I did get there the person was taking hours to get it done –”


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