What are people saying about Infotech 2012?

Just as last year, I’m much satisfied of my decision : Using my precious time more efficiently instead of increasing the visitor count to the Infotech 2012, which is being held from the 13 to 16 September 2012 at the Swami Vivekananda International Convention Centre, Pailles. Organisers should understand that people no more consider Infotech as a tech fair but rather as a commercial trade fair. If they lack ideas or want to stick to their current beliefs, they should consider renaming the “Infotech” or just stop advertising its aim as “awareness on emerging technologies”. From feedback gathered, it is just like you are entering a huge shopping area. Period.

Extract of articles/comments written by some fellow Mauritian bloggers :

CleverDodo :

“To be quite honest, I was very disappointed with my visit to InfoTech. There were not as many interesting stands as I thought there would be. Take for example, Mauritius Post, I don’t understand why they were there. The people at the stand were bored because no one showed any interest but you couldn’t blame them either.[…] The young people who attended were mostly interested in learning opportunities in the IT sector and career guidance. I found that the institutions there were more eager to get you to register with them instead of explaining things better and clearing the doubts that you have.”

Avinash Meetoo :

“We went to Infotech 2012 today and it felt like an empty box: not much innovation and no trace of informatics at all. The stands were bland and I felt that even the computer and phone sellers are getting bored with the formula.”

Mike :

 “Back from Infotech 2012. Useless some stands not even ready on the first opening day with workmen still busy. Reps standing around like waiting for a bus. Girls/hostesses standing around an exhibit and chatting so that public cannot get to see or try it. Better stay at home or go to a regular shop/agent for information.[…] EMTEL stand not even ready this morning!!!”

 Carrotmadman6 :

The downside of going on opening day is that many of the exhibitors aren’t even ready with their stands or with their products. That shows you just how seriously they take Infotech. […] It wasn’t quite as boring as I expected it to be and in the limited time I had, I discovered enough stuff to make my visit worthwhile.

Boasting about an increasing number of visitors is useless. Probably because people lack leisure in Mauritius. Instead, they should question themselves about the number of people who actually found the trade fair useful and informative.

Were you or planning to go there? How will you rate this year’s edition?

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  1. Made the trip coz I was passing by. 10 mins was enough. Its pointless. Its better to read online tech blogs for updates/new developments in ICT. The good point of it? I got a bag(orange advert) 😀


  2. After having a look at the trend in the tone of the comments posted here regarding Infotech since the past few years, one may realise that the organisers have a complete disregard of the opinions of visitors. It will probably take them – and their blind-and-deaf, gold and non-gold sponsors too – a decade or so before realising that their formula is stale.

    As for me, I’ve made it a point to ignore that non-event for quite a few years now, and it doesn’t trouble my sleep at all.

    But for you tech-enthusiasts, I will refer you to vidhish’s comment: online blogs are much more informative than that little box called Infotech, which should be renamed laggard-tech fair – I still recall my last visit at a time when mp3-players were budding, and one stand-attendant/salesperson replied to me as if I was trying to ensnare him in a hidden camera joke: “Ki-été?? Pen-drive kouma pou zwé mp3?? Existé-em sa?”.
    At the time, I felt offended, but for you people with strong IT-background, I guess it’s a lot of frustration: just live with it, there’s much more outside in the real world than inside that little box.


  3. It was an Ultra Failure, I roughly spent around 20mins there and I was already more than bored with the usual obsolete tech that was demoed there. Not to mention Orange & there usual advertising campaigns which was nothing but crap. No new hardware, a few smartphones most of them being Samsungs and the rest was the average Asha Junk. Some stands had some computer hardware which weren’t the latest either, still with their ancient 2009 boards and crappy low end hardware and the alike stuff. But still, the average Joe would still be amazed by those fancy things.


      1. I wouldn’t have supported more time there but I was planning to write an article covering any new Android smartphones featured at that event, had to capture some shots but the products exhibited there weren’t appealing so I scrapped that idea. It seemed more like some kind of ‘bazar local’ rather than an actual tech show.


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