No more ‘sticks’ to higher ranks of police officers

A decision to be marked in the history of the Mauritian Police Force.

A few days ago, police officers, as from the rank of Inspector and upwards, have been urged to leave their sticks at home. The Commissioner of Police issued a communique to ban these ‘sticks’ for unspecified reasons. This light ‘baton/stick’, made of wood and covered with some plastic-like material comprises of a whistle at one end.

Just as the different medals, including the stars worn on the uniform, the stick has always been a symbol in the Mauritian Police Force to distinguish the upper grade police officers from the other grades. Strangely, I read about this only from the Saturday’s edition of Defiplus, in which a short paragraph talked about this. No one else did.

This brings me to one of my favorite songs :

Can you blow my whistlebabyWhistlebaby, let me know 🙂

4 thoughts on “No more ‘sticks’ to higher ranks of police officers

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  1. Do we know what the origin of the stick was? There must be a tradition behind the carrying of the stick just like the “pace stick” used by the army which has a practical function.


      1. Bad quality pou enn baton? Kouma sa-bann van GWM ki zott pé servi la?
        Lontan, ti éna Land Rover Defender ki enkor pé roulé pou SSU.
        Ena 5 banané par-la, zott ti pran 2-par-4 Nissan, mé tou inn disparett, ek zot katt-katt Toyota Prado ek Hilux pé enkor tini tini.
        Fek-la zott inn baskil lor GWM, nou gété komié létan ha-bann-la pou tini…
        Low-cost, low-cost…
        You pay with peanuts you get monkeys…


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