Ever been flashed while police officers do their tests?

Good morning everyone!

I was damn angry a few weeks back when I was flashed by a speed camera while entering the Soreze dangerous curve at night. Normally, you would say that it is normal if you are driving above the speed limit of 40km/hr.

But that was not the case. Upon entering the zone, I dropped my speed to 30km/hr. Yeah. Even if you stop the car, apply the brakes and then, just release the brakes, the car will automatically and instantaneously increase to a speed above the limit!

(Above : Camera at Soreze – Photo credits : Jason @yurit0s)

Anyway, so, I was at 30km/hr and I spotted the police van, the camera and the guys standing behind a laptop. The only thing lacking there was a signboard with the following words : “HEY! WE ARE HERE! WAITING FOR YOU TO DRIVE FASTER!”

A few meters from the camera set up, the flash ‘flashed’. lol. I was the only one in the area. No cars besides or behind mine.

I had just been flashed! WTF? I checked my speedometer. 30km/hr!

(Above : Police officer hiding behind a tree, next to Nexteracom Tower 1, Ebene)

I drove home angry and I even thought to write a complaint in the police station but then, I told myself that it won’t be of any use. In that case, I had better evil plans for the police force *demon*. 1 week elapsed. Nothing reached my letter box. 2 weeks, still nothing.

Conclusion : The police officers were probably carrying out tests to see if the license plate was properly visible with the right amount of light from the flash, the aperture and shutter speed were correct for the night photography.

Any similar experiences or have you endlessly waited for a letter after you were speedy on our roads??? 

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  1. Been flashed like 3-4 times at Pailles (You know those fix cameras which keep changing directions) while doing less than 80km/h.


  2. still waiting for mine. we were driving near royal college at PL … just before the bus stop. and we were 4 Km/hr higher than 80km/hr. That was 2 weeks ago. everyday we check the mail box and still nothing…..what is the amount of the fine by the way?


  3. Again, for GOD’s sake Yashvin :-), this Soreze curve is not dangerous in itself, it’s not properly operated, that’s all. The perception only comes from how it is badly operated, like the JinFei roundabout.

    From what I’ve experiences from me driving long distances over the past few weeks – the insanely tight JinFei roundabout is actually waiting for blood: there is no separation between lanes +
    short braking distance to reach a safe turning speed of 40km/h = danger
    in waiting.

    Two examples of proper curve operation & management:
    – the tighter-than-Soreze-diversion reinforced-concrete single-lane downhill slipway from M1 motorway into Bell Village
    – the tighter-than-Soreze-diversion temporary single-lane uphill by-pass from Phoenix roundabout at Valentina towards Betonix roundabout.

    The last two examples have speed limits of 60km/h, yes sixty, my dear people. Not 40km/h, and yet, no-one ever complains about their danger.
    Simply because the are properly operated.
    Single lane traffic discipline is enforced naturally by means of simple and very effective traffic calming structures: concrete parapet at Bell Village, and plastic water-filled bollards at Valentina-Phoenix.
    And yet, no accident ever happened at either locations, simply because the traffic was properly tamed, be it rowdy lorries, buses, van-15-plass, motorcycles, cars and what not – and try to imagine a breakdown in these spots: not even one happened so far…

    So, the above illustrates perfectly that if our dear authorities put their mind to build, operate and maintain something properly, it works.
    Same should be duplicated at high-traffic two-lane curves like JinFei roundabout, Allée Brillant to Curepipe, sharp bends like those at Lalmatie (towards Belvedere), Plaine des Papayes (towards Morcellement St André), Piton, Belle Terre (towards Closel), and many more.

    When interference occurs (usually socio-political, not technical), prepare for mayhem and blood. Also known as GIGO: garbage in garbage out.


    Bonne matinée, journée, soirée.


  4. Yes Yashvin, it happened to my friend. He was driving at Soreze too (around 8pm), and was flashed while he was driving less than 40km/h. But, he stopped the car immediately and went to see the police officer to ask WHY.. they then told him that they were doing some tests with the camera. Maybe the same happened to you..


  5. We were talking abt it last weekend, and i heard there was a reaction time which could make the “flasher flash” another car instead of the overspeeding car itself besides we were talking abt the case of an overspeeding scooter. Hmmm, think there are many things to take into consideration before this system works correctly… Anyway!


  6. Now her’s my story..
    I was on fast lane at “Camp Chaplon” moving towards reduit.
    I was on fast lane moving at 76Kmphr ( legal is 80Kmphr ). A car overtook me ( @ 85Kmphr ) on the left-hand side and i heard the flash sound. Do you guys think that the camera got the wrong car exceeding ( mine )?? I fear for my Rs 2000 : )


    1. You assumed that the car is at 85km/hr, or you peeped at its dashboard? 😛 Normally, the camera should be able to detect these things, but do keep us informed. We can perhaps contribute to a fund 🙂


  7. Her’s another story ( long one ) about fines for “Speed Excess”.
    I was on my way to P-louis from Flacq by the “Old Moka Road”. I was moving @ 65Kmhr instead of 60Kmphr. Problem is that i was not stopped by police nor did i get any letter by post to pay for fine of Rs 2000 ( Therefore i did not know that i got the excess ). 7 months after, the police called me and told me that i did not pay the fine and there will be an ARREST WARRANT against me… ( What….! Why…!). It was then that i got to know my excess. I went to the Terre-Rouge police station straight away. There they told me that i’ll get a notice to pay the fine by mail. Recently ( 2 weeks ago ) i went to the Pamplemouses court an I PAID RS 4100…..! ( Actually they don’t tell you the fine amount , its at the cash desk that they tell you. Unfortunately for me, i went there with rs 2000 ). So, summary is, if police gets you exceeding, if they don’t mail you, you pay Rs 2000 + Rs 2100 more. ( sinom ale guet 1 avocat, avoué, passe divan magistra….. etc..).



      1. The proof?

        Ahem, according to what I’ve read so far about the regulation, within two days of the offence, you should receive a letter asking you to pay a Rs 2000 fine, and you have seven days to comply.

        In case you believe you were not at the wheel when the offence was recorded (you lent your vehicle to someone), you have 5 days to ask for the photograph. Here, the law is comically stupid / stupidly comical when you realise that
        they impose a Rs 2000 fee for you to get a print-out of the photograph,
        it is only then that you can ascertain yourself that it was you behind the wheel, and not
        someone else.

        A kind of legalised extortion, I’d

        And I was laughing when someone called Mauritius Rapeland…


    1. They’ve got pic of my car with a “65” on it. Limit was 60. I agree that it was an excess. Still, problem is i did not get the letter to pay. Then i was issued an ARREST WARRANT man…! Imagine that, they pick u up home for jail a Friday, get released on Monday?? Anyways, i consider it as a bad dream now.


  8. It was in the end of December 2012, i was working, driving my 4*4 i was speeding from Bambous to Tamarin, the limit was 60km/h, i was doing about 90 km/h, the speed camera was in my way what actually happened a car was speeding and overtaking in the opposite direction and that car got into his lane just in front of me, if i had not brake at the right time it would be an accident, and what’s best the camera flashed to me in the dark. Till now I have not received any letter.


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