Price of watches in Mauritius


That is the price (shipping, tax and post office charges included) I paid for the above Seiko watch on eBay. Before going for this online purchase, I wandered a bit in some shops to have a look and also, to see if it was really worth to pay some extra bucks by grabbing it from Mauritius itself. Shocked is not the right word to describe the feeling when you hear the local prices.

In a particularly famous shop here, a Tissot watch starts as from Rs18,000 while a Seiko is sold as from Rs11,000. As for Casio, you can get a relatively above average watch for about Rs5,000.

Now, hold on tight to your chair.

Just to give you an idea, the same advertised Tissot watch is available for $250 on eBay (approx  Rs8,500 – all charges incl.) and for a relatively similar Seiko model, the price tag as from $150 (approx Rs 5,000 – all charges incl.). I do not know how to call this over-priced practice (even after considering that they need to make profits) but truly, eBay offers you the same watch at nearly 1/2 the Mauritian price!

The choice is now yours. I made mine.


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  1. This is good to know. I thought that there would be a high tax to pay on imported luxury goods. So how come the local prices are so high?


    1. A watch is not a luxury 🙂
      Local prices. bah. Most probably because of their investment but if there selling price is high, they won’t be attracting many customers, at least, not those who are regularly on eBay.


      1. Just wondering. when they say “Luxery goods”, how do they define luxery? and about ebay i like it too and shop online on a monthly basis but there’s always a risk of a fake product (and some fakes are really good. look at the fake ICE watches currently being sold at rs300 here. you can hardly make a difference with a genuine.

        btw just for info i just got a very nice edifice watch at 50% price in a famous store in ebene. paid rs5000


  2. Do not forget something though, there are additional factors to take into consideration; when you add a price tag to an item if you are running a business/shop, the following are considered:
    – the price of the item, the tax, the shipping, the profit margin
    – the risk of not selling
    – the renting of the building/location/shop
    – the salary of employees
    – the marketing of your business
    – the expertise to repair/warranty (if any)

    … now compared to ebay 🙂 … well…


      1. judging by the number of shops they have and their number of years of existence, do you think they are really at loss?

        i don’t think that we will be able to do something against shops or services selling at twice the price for now. take Orange and internet in mu as example.. (ahem)… If we had to, then we would try to close all shops in Mu. Even ‘marchand la foire’ could be selling at 400-500% the price, who really complains?


      2. If you don’t have any “real” competition (taking MT’s monopole into consideration), people are bound to accept. But when you have alternatives, like purchasing online, it is a different thing 🙂


  3. Consumer protection act? I think it’s as dead as the dodo…everything in Mauritius is overpriced…u cannot imagine!!! There’s also, where u can buy in bulk…for example I got 1 dozen socks and leggings for my daughter there and it was almost same price i’d pay for only one over here!!! Thank God we have Ebay, amazon, Barnes&Noble and DHGate 🙂


  4. It reminds me of that trademark named “Organic India”: here, one 25-unit teabag box costs around Rs250. But those whow have seen it abroad will tell you that it’s way cheaper over there.
    It’s simply one of pricing strategies known as “price skimming“: when you can sell a product perceived as of sound quality, and in the absence of competitors and/or substitutes, your pricing strategy can earn you abnormal profits in the short term (normally chosen by start-ups in the ealry business life cycle, selling innovative/new products) until market conditions change and/or adapt.

    Well, that shop you mention happens to have exclusivity on some brands, and will therefore make full use of the skimming strategy until other players enter the game and/or other factors influence the buyers’ purchasing power… Strangely enough, his business is mature already, and his strategy should have changed actually…

    Welcome to free market capitalism!


  5. Just bought a watch from Ebay. Guess watches are the more craze at the moment. LOL.

    That’s why I make my shopping on Ebay. Prices in MRU is wayyy too hight.


  6. hey great post, specially as someone who likes watches and thinking about buying another one.Finally i am not the only one who noticed that the prices of the watches are doubled here. The over pricing of the local shop here has striken me long ago, I must admit.
    On ebay you should get better deals on the watches and its really shocking when you get the price of the watches here, i mean come on guys , how do you think people can afford them.


  7. If enough people boycott these shops, they’ll be forced to rethink their strategy or face closing down. The high prices are only going to last until Mauritians get smarter. The real question is when is that going to happen?


  8. in vine fou pou pran ene montre. spent nearly 1 hour in the shop.and finally bought three of them. Si ti moris pou meme quantier prix ti pou gaigne ene seul


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