Guess where? (May 2012)

At some point in time, I announced onto my fb account and the fan page that there won’t be any Guess Where challenge this month. I simply had no pictures to publish for the game but fortunately, my friend Ashvind forwarded me a new set of pictures, two of which are below.

Picture 1 :

Picture 2 :


The rules stay the same :

  • Do not post answers on Facebook/Twitter/Google+
  • Answers whether good or wrong WILL NOT be published and will be viewable only when results will be proclaimed.
  • If you have any other comments/questions, do post them in a separate comment (without any answers).

You have till Sunday (27th May 2012) to find the name of the locations where the above two pictures have been shot. Don’t worry, both have been shot in Mauritius itself 😉

Good luck!

Update (27th May 2012) :

Without losing time, let’s discover the name of the locations :

  • Picture 1 : La Nicolière reservoir.
  • Picture 2 : Central Market *Bazaar* Port Louis

As compared to the past months, few of you have been able to give correct answers 🙂

Name of winners (for both pics) :

  • Vidhish Beeharry
  • Yashvind Kumar
  • Vim035
  • Tushal

Many congrats to The Fantastic Four 🙂
Thank you for your interest in this monthly challenge!

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