Will you pay Rs150 for Orange Deezer?

Since a few days, Mauritius has been added to the list of countries whereby Orange provides the service, Deezer, for a monthly subscription fee of Rs150. Available for both MyT and ADSL users, the service allows you to listen to millions of soundtracks (including some local Mauritian artists) and have access to some radios.

With Orange, Deezer provides nearly instanteneous playback and without any need for buffering (unlike youtube for instance) since the files are stored onto a local Orange server (from what I have been told). Ironically, the buffering we experience in Mauritius is directly related to the unstable and low speed connection provided by Orange. btw, the speakers are not provided with the Deezer service and you still need a computer connected to the Livebox/Adsl modem. In fact, Deezer itself provides different types of accounts providing additional features as from $2.49 to $4.99 monthly.

However, if you are like me, still surfing on the 512Kbps MyT package, you will be forced to upgrade to the 1Mbps package (and the associated monthly subscription fee ) and consequently move to the new Livebox 2 because of the incompatibility of Livebox (first version).

We are living in a world in which every cent counts and instead of providing an irreprochable service, they are still finding ways to milk the customers.I don’t know about you but I would say

Long Live Youtube!

Thank to Vishal M. for suggesting this topic.

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  1. pkoi Deezeer alors ki mo bien kave download lor lezot site ek ecouter. ek local artists, pas trop bel evolution (fini les temps de tifrere, jean claude gaspard, bhojpuri boys entre autre). kuma tone dire to meme, VIVA YOUTUBE.. orange kave garde so nuvo service pu li meme. pour terminer, l’ironie est que meme si mo envie servi deezeer, mo pas gagne upgrade mo connexion (512->1mb) parski li pas available dans mo region, pourtant tres proche ar headquarters la. idem convertir ADSL -> MY.T 😦


  2. Interesting… Well I would pay Rs150 definitely since I don’t steal… but the myT think has me worried a bit …


      1. I agree for youtube not stealing… but from what I understand the deezer thing will play mp3s right? Or am I mistaken?


      2. Right but I assume that Deezer pays the artists for the songs featuring on their lists.
        That’s why they are still perhaps negociating on these grounds for local artists. For now, only Eric Triton has his latest album uploaded.


  3. seriously not me . ,,,waiting patiently for other provider of internet am fed up with orange ,,
    btw my life has not change with orange


    1. If you are still on 512kbps and Livebox1, yes, you will need to upgrade your package to 1MB + Deezer because they can leave you on the old livebox if you just upgrade your package to 1mb.
      Deezer is compatible with Livebox2 only.


  4. At least Orange should have the decency to offer it free to its users, same like sattelite tv channels offer new channels without any additional cost to their users when available. Orange is creating more and more hatred among its users, nevertheless very bad concept for creating brand loyalty. I ask myself if the persons in the marketing department understand the Mauritian context and if they have done any marketing research before launching it. Well to conclude, if I would have chosen to listen music same as Deezer, better I use grooveshark.com which is more or less the same and free!


  5. A little precision though, if you have the old package of MyT 512K (now defunct), you will first have to align yourself on MyT 1M. The old package was around Rs860/m and the latest is Rs949/m. You still keep your Livebox 1.1 or 1.2, nonetheless.
    Now if you opt to upgrade to Livebox 2 or Livebox ZTE and have Deezer (no choice of having just the Livebox 2/ZTE here), you pay another Rs150/m. Thus, the new tariff = Rs1099/m (since 18/05/2012).
    So, basically if you are on MyT 512K, you need to add another Rs240/m and not just Rs150/m.
    I got my upgrade yesterday : http://ideaof.me/mt-livebox-upgraded


  6. Orange services are not for benefit of the country. They are only for business. I sincerely another internet provider to bring down the cost to a reasonable value. Bharat Telecoms have been granted the necessary license last. But it is very unfortunate that it is taking time to launch the service. I think BT is an elephant blanc which does nit have the necessary capacity to operate in Mauritius. They must hand pver the license to some other company with good intentetions. BT is poor organisation, with lots of talking and no action. They are probably not having the necessary funds to inject in the business. I sincerely wish a good compnay come to rival MT. I hat MT policy and their attitude of “tire jus avec dimoune”


  7. Have a look at grooveshark.com Never tried deezer, never will pay for that. But can somebody confirm it has bollywood songs? 😛


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