Car scratched by Codan security guard at Vieux Mooulin

A friend of mine mailed me his painful experience on his first visit to the shopping Complex, Le Vieux Mooulin (pay careful notice to the name) where security is handled by Codan Security (read the name carefully once again).

He told the story in minute details in a letter addressed to the Codan Security administration. It goes as follows :

Dear Sir,

It is with great disappointment and embarrassment that I am informing you that my first visit to your shopping centre has turned out to be an unacceptable and horrible experience thanks to an ill mannered security guard. In fact on Saturday 28/04/12, I came to your shopping centre approximately around 18:30 and being in the end of month/peak period, I was unable to find a parking slot. I therefore parked my Mercedes-Benz (Registration: XXX, Colour: XXX ) in the ATM area (opposite to food-court main entrance) next to two cars. The security guard (known as P, ) asked me to move my car from that area but given that there were no parking slots available I asked him to give me only 20 mins as I will not be staying for long. The security guard was clearly unhappy as I didn’t obey to his orders. When I went inside the food court, I could clearly see my car from where I was standing and I noted that the security guard walked around my car on the right hand side laying his hand all throughout. He then came inside the building and stood by the main entrance. He looked a little puzzled as he may have realised I clearly saw this action. He gave me sarcastic smile and raised his hand to me giving me a ‘thumbs-up’ signal. I was almost done in about 30 mins and after that I left the shopping centre not realising that the security guard actually SCRATCHED my car. When I reached home (Triolet), I noted that the security guard had scratched almost the entire right hand side of my Mercedes (apparently with a key).

The next day in the morning, I went back to the site and spoke to one of the security guards to see if the security guard was on duty. After speaking to the officer in charge I was told that the name of the security guard is ‘P.’. I therefore made a police statement in the nearby police station. I have to admit, as an unhappy customer I can only react by never coming back to your shopping complex and always stay away from the Codan security guards.

While I have no choice but to spend Rs20,000 to get my paint repaired, I would request you to kindly investigate on this incident and accordingly act on it at your level. This is not an experience deserved by a first time customer. If I do not hear back from you, I will have to consider sharing this awful experience with a newspaper. Trust you can take a timely action from your side and keep me informed accordingly.

It’s important for you to make sure that your security guards are trained to act in an appropriate manner in case a car is incorrectly parked. Given that there were no available parking slots, I could have politely been requested to leave the shopping centre instead of having my car damaged by an ‘untrained and unprofessional’ security guard. I wish to convey my intention to sue this guy to the court as I am not prepared to tolerate this behaviour, especially while he was on duty.

I look forward to hear from you after having viewed the camera surveillance video. ( I do really hope you have a surveillance system in place!)

Please kindly acknowledge that you have received this email.

From a disappointed customer.

Pictures of the scratches :

Later, he mailed me an update when I questioned him about any security cameras in the vicinity:

Yes. There are cameras but they told me my car was out of sight. However, latest update today is that the guy has been interdicted from work until further notice. Most probably the guy will be fired. I am putting a lot of pressure on Codan security.

Should we trust them?

If you read the blog lately, you have probably saw the article where a police officer used a road check as an excuse to get a car lift to his workplace. And now, we have another case where a security guard is intentionally causing damage to a vehicle when the latter is supposed to ensure the security. I am sure that there are more similar cases daily and some people believe that they are allowed to do anything as long as power is in their hands.

I will just give you another example : Bouncers.
They behave as kings in their nightclubs but in real life, they are far behind everyone as many among them are criminals who have been previously imprisoned.

Tomorrow, YOU might be the victim of this system.

Anyone got similar experiences?


Update (10th May 2012) :

Codan security’s contract has been terminated at Le Vieux Mooolin complex. Confirmed news –

25 thoughts on “Car scratched by Codan security guard at Vieux Mooulin

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  1. Ena zimage dans sa moris la dow. Lapolice lot coter, bouncer laba, security guard par ici, next what?Β 

    Kisanla pou dress zot? ki l’exemple zot p montrer? (apart bouncer)


  2. That frontal damage looks like the car scraped against something, not key damage. Maybe you had a problem with the security guard. And by the way, he already asked you to leave politely. However, he did act unscrupulously if it can be proved he did so and thus should be punished.


  3. Latest Update 03/05/2012: I have been told by the centre manager that they will most probably terminate the contract of the security guard company asap as they have had similar complaints from other customer (i.e. tyres being made flat etc…). These folks only deserve hell! I am going to call the security company tomorrow to understand what actions have been taken. They seem to be playing safe by telling me that this hasn’t been captured in the camera and guess what… there are ATMs within 10 metres from where i parked the car. Hard to digest that my car was outside the camera surveillance range!


  4. I really sympathize and feel sorry for the Owner of the Vandalised Car (OVC). He must really feel powerless in his misery and must have a bitter taste of injustice. I would have felt the same.

    However, it has to be said that OVC knowingly took a calculated risk when he parked his car in a no-parking zone. Moreover security guards have clearly warned him that he could not park in this area.Yet the car owner acted against all odds.

    Whether OVC parked his car for 1 minute or 1 hour does not matter. The fact that there were other cars already parked in the same area is also NOT an excuse to do the same.

    That said, I strongly condemn these security guards. It is not up to them to take action. They should have called the police to get the car impounded. They should be severely punished and compelled to pay for all damages done to the car.

    Yashvin, I do not feel it is right to draw a parallel with all law enforcers. You cannot and should not generalize.


      1. I think it would be better to write their names as it is If you don`t, when people google search their name they will find only positive reviews about them, all REAL reviews remain hidden.


  5. “There are cameras but they told me my car was
    out of sight.”

    Strange, I got the same answer:
    – at Trian0n Shoppong Pork, when I had my door bumped and dented
    – at Jumba Phoenix, when I got my front fender deeply scratched, presumably by a caddie
    – at Codan Ouaterrfront, when my wife had both her sideview mirrors stolen…

    So, are the CCTV cameras for decorative purposes only, or what???

    I’m almost to the level of wishing that these vandals and/or their loved ones get maimed/killed/raped/what-not there, but I won’t.


  6. Tchiouu mo abitiE al laba souvent. et park kot atm la em, si securitE kit zour raye mo masinn :p , mo fer sa bour touni dan rosebelle meme moi.

    En passant, Chef Security Brinks dans Cyber tower 1 osi ena bann tann li raye loto bann dimoune seki park endans.


  7. Your friend parked illegally *after* having been warned by a security guard? Sigh. I would not say that he deserved to get his car keyed (he did not). But it’s hard to sympathise with his plight.


  8. How can you be so sure that it is the security guard himself who did this…??? When you saw him near your car, did you see him use a key or a knife to scratch your car?
    No, right? So dont judge man, that’s so ridiculous!!
    On top you parked your car illegally, it’s the security guard’s right to be upset, that’s what he’s been trained for , to follow the procedure… same as you follow your company’s procedure, if you’ve got any good manners in yourself first!


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