800th post : You can now wash your vehicles!

Wonderful news for the 800th post!

The news was announced this morning : Car washers, you can now take out your water hoses once again. Same applies to all those who want to wash their windows, buildings, pavements or water their plants.

Effective since 9th February 2012, the water wastage restriction lasted for nearly 3 months as compared to the 1 month restriction in 2011. Since then, 3 reservoirs are now at their full capacity. As for Mare Aux Vacoas, it is now at 78% of its capacity while it was at only about 30% a few months ago.

So, no need to panick if you see me around. This said, it is not a reason to waste water.

Thank you for being regular on the blog 🙂

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  1. the 78% is really a comfort zone, nothing has been announced yet concerning measures for water collection for the future. 


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