Someone with a bad breath?

Hello everyone!

I was kindda reluctant to post this guest topic, sent to me anonymously through mail a few days back. But since I believe it is a blog post like any others and that it will hopefully be of some use, here we go!

The story sent to me is as follows :

“One of my friends has an incredibly stale breath (mauvaise haleine). However, I have the impression that he is ok with that. Perhaps he might not be aware and I hesitate to tell him anything about this subject. Till now, I have been trying to either hold my breath or stay away from him as much as possible.

How can I tackle this ‘issue’? What would you do if you were in such situation?”

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Wish all of you a nice weekend and don’t forget to give any piece of advice to our guy above!

8 thoughts on “Someone with a bad breath?

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  1.  hmmmm well if i were in the place of that frd..i would hv appreciated it if my frd wud tell me abt my bad breath issue..ofcourse it would b embarassing for atlst if i wasnt aware of that before..i would hv started taking appropriate actions.. :S

    because a friend is not only there to praise you..he should also be able to criticise and warn you if you’re going wrong or doing something wrong..


  2. Reasons for having a bad breath:

    1) Medication (Yes, there are drugs out there which give you a horrible breath for hours.)
    2) Didn’t brush teeth for days.
    3) Teeth in bad conditions.
    4) Gum disease.
    5) Some types of food causes bad breath.
    6) Gastric issue.

    And now on a serious note, if you’re saying he is a friend to you. You should talk to him. 


  3. I hate it!!! so…I always carry mint… and if you are offered mint from me… ever in your life.. please get the message that you have a bad breath… 😀


  4. I had this problem in my teens. My mother told me about it. And resolved it by drinking as much water as I could, because it’s my stomach which was in really bad state…
    As for others, can only suggest that it would be wise to have a medical check up because a bad breath is a sign of something else going wrong.


  5. My gums bleed and since am lazy to drink water, I have a bad intestine…all this to say that yep, I have awful breath on certain days and Michel tells me about it.  At least I know what to do…gums, more water, re-brush my teeth, but yes, medical check up is important…also my wisdom tooth was killing my gums, so it would bleed everyday.  It felt like I was drinking my own blood everyday…and it gives awful acidic breath 😦

    Thank god there are treatments 🙂


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