Cargo is here. Now, do it yourself!

Good morning everyone!

My cargo reached Mauritius safely last week and after having completed all the paperworks, I have been able to get it home on Friday. As expected, a lengthy and stressful process to get it from the port till the final destination!

Just to go briefly through the steps in the process : Once embarked in China, the ship took less than 18days to reach Mauritius. Here, Velogic gave me a call to inform me about the arrival and a Bill of Lading was handed over to me.

From this point, I passed the documents to a broker who made the necessary to get the items out of the customs. Already registered to the MRA since my camera purchase, it was a bit easier.

2 lorries were hired to deliver the goods home and as some of you must have seen on my Facebook profile, my garage became more like a store room.

Everything was packed into boxes. Tens of them! No apparent damage to the boxes fortunately, except one broken tile. In fact, every item was securely packed in carton and wooden boxes, each marked with a label for my name.

No need to tell you, I was as happy and excited as a kid while opening the boxes.

Just to give you an idea : the bed came into, euh… I am still looking for the bits and pieces to make up the bed, but all of them must be here, I hope so. The real work starts as from now. Till now, I have assembled a few items, like the computer chair and stool bars.

One thing I am still unsure of : Was I suppose to get extra screws and bolts once everything has been put together?

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  1. Hey what about doing some business. Get a loan from the bank.
    Go to China buy some stuff. Import them to Mauritius then sell them.


  2. What would be interesting to know is how much money you saved by purchasing all these items (which I think is for house furnishing rather than business related) in China compared to Mauritius. And how much for overheads like tax, custom clearance and delivery.


    1. Very interesting question. Though it might be difficult to estimate everything, I have devised a simple formula to spread the additional costs (freight, customs, duty, vat) : 

      Total cost : buying price x 1.5
      i.e, I add half the price to it, even if I know that the additional amount added varies because of specific duty, vat applicable items etc.

      Just to give an idea, my tiles have cost me about 1/2 (I will exaggerate up to 3/4 ).
      Another more specific example : A 
      solid wood, beautiful worked complete bedroom set (King bed size, mattress, 2 large night tables, large wardrobe, enormous dressing table – coiffeuse) amounted to a total of Rs50k.
      In Mauritius, the price starts as from 60-70k, and the materials and finish sometimes aren’t that great.

      Hope that I answered your question @c0b9c5f2f8e5c6717816ec528e34c0e5:disqus.


      1. ah,.. also the fees to velogic, renting a camion to bring that back home + the time spent mounting everything (time = money!). your hourly rate must be high 😉 hehe


      2. When multiplying by 1.5, I already took care of the velogic, freight, vat, duty, lorry etc. I was in China Town some mins ago, I saw the (nearly) exact bedroom set at abt 20k more expensive!

        Last point to add : Since the purchases are for personal use only, I did not calculate everything with a business/commercial mindset. In that case, it would be normal to take EVERYTHING into consideration, even time spent in China for business.


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