I have quit TheoFinance / TeoTys

Yes, I wanted exactly the same look you have on your face right now, glaring at your screen and saying


As you have read a few weeks back, I had decided to be adventurous by bidding my farewell to DCDM Consulting to join TheoFinance (or Teotys, as you wish), a member of Crédit Agricole Group. That was for the news headline** of today.

To my ex-DCDMC-colleagues : You have won. Please send my share (of you know what)!

What’s in for the future? Right now, I have absolutely no idea, or perhaps, yes. I might work for my own. I will think about that later on. I just want some long holidays. Honestly, I really need them!

Youpiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. Mo ene chomeur now 🙂

(**and please don’t ask why…) 

35 thoughts on “I have quit TheoFinance / TeoTys

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  1. Take sometime to think about what work you are interested in. Then check out the possibilities cos if u go it alone u will need financing. Dont plunge until you know if the water is deep enough!
    Am busy in conferences at the moment but this means we can have that beer soon!


  2. The “why” seems like a natural question, but I’ve been asking myself a lot of questions too about my career ever since I left my previous job. My conclusion (for my case) is still “specialisation is key”, being a jack of all trades won’t bring me much on the market. I’m looking for opportunities and might start my own business too. I can feel it.


  3. No worries dear…u still young 🙂  I changed 10 jobs in around 10 years!!!! I never had sick nor local leaves since i never did one full year anywhere!!! lol!!!!  


    Keep us posted 🙂


    1. Why not? It’s a very modern style of living !

      It would have been great if he could be take care of the pregnancy as well, isn’t it ?


      1. Wonder why all girls are thinking the same right now.

        cc: @b988e862491c24857d2b7eafc89704f6:disqus , @7c0ee33f5d2b82b3d120af1c2ad08262:disqus  and @dce9d30f371407572682db82a7cba53a:disqus  😛


  4. Change is sometimes more benefical than we sometimes think. If you will be doing some freelance, then I might got something for you in a couple of weeks. Will contact you by mid or end of this month. In the mean while, enjoy your free time … I never had any since the last 10 years ! I envy you (note: there is a big difference between envy and jealousy) 🙂


  5. Er, I’ve been through that: left a very comfortable position, jumped into a new company, then had to abandon ship on a matter of principle because that ship was so corrupt that it eventually sunk by itself.

    This decision cost me 8 months of forced joblessness, but this forged my character: trust your instincts – if you had to do what you did, I’m sure it’s for the proper reasons.

    And I’m sure you’d do it again if you had to to back in time and re-live that situation. Bravo for the courage of stepping out.

    If you have funds travel or pursue your studies. Else, prepare for the tough part of being free – you’ll need guts to fight back!

    Bon courage!


  6. Can you elaborate what you did not like at TheoFinance? The work atmosphere, incompatibility, not feeling at ease etc? thanks for replying.


  7. I’ve been lucky enough to stay employed nearly all the time, except in 2008 when I was laid off with the European credit crunch. I usually get bored quite quickly so I need projects. I left my previous job as “civil servant” because of the mentality and the public abuse. That was a bold move and I’m fully satisfied with that.


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