Pictures of motorway Verdun-Terre Rouge under construction

Accompanied by family members this evening, I went to Creve Coeur to have a look at the works currently being done for the Verdun-Terre Rouge motorway project. The ride in the 4×4 was so fun along the rocky roads and the view was simply unique. Once up there, you might remain speechless in front of the huge works being done. Enormous machines, trees cut down, part of the mountain sliced, natural water drains blocked or deviated from their normal flow path.

Some of the pictures I shot there, including the splendid view of the mountains.

It was nearly a safari-like experience, especially when you are in the 4×4’s back. Peaceful place, once the machines have their engines switched off. During working hours, it is advisable to stay away because of the noise, dust and danger of the heavy vehicles.

Before it is too late, try to go there (in a suitable vehicle) because the next time you will go through that area, it will only be road signs, tarmac and pollution.


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  1. eski developma infrastiktir ve dir oci kapav fer dezast ekonomik ? mo pa kone mwa, mone fer zis below an 1964.


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