Le verdicte : Le magistrat blanchit.

« Talère mo éclate to la cervelle… ».

Voilà. Le magistrat Mahesh Beeharry vient d’être acquitté de la charge qui pesait sur lui pour l’usage de son arme à feu quelques mois de cela.

J’avais même écrit un article. Pour résumer :

Un magistrat qui se gare sur un parking des deux roues. Il pointe son arme sur un gars qui lui reproche ce fait. La foule devient hostile. Les policiers interviennent. Les deux consignent leurs dépositions au poste de police. Le magistrat Beeharry porte plainte que le gars lui a menacé avec une arme blanche et d’avoir subtilisé le revolver qu’il avait en sa possession.

Je trouve cela chagrinant. Rappelez vous, ne vous en prenez pas aux gens qui connaissent la loi au bout de leurs doigts.

Bon weekend à tous!


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  1. Threatening misuse of a firearm and he gets acquitted, strange…. not even a fine? If I had pointed my weapon at a civilian I would have been in serious trouble. The guy freaked out in anger and they do not take away his gun license? This sends a bad message to the population i.e. one law for them and another for us. Pffff, bon weekend.


  2. What is so “chagrinant”? There are two versions to every story. The accused magistrate chose not to make give a public airing of his version on radios but chose to allow the trial process to determine the matter. It has become too easy these days to just make an allegation against someone and let the court of public opinion judge the person – Read the article in Thursday’s l’Express about a man who was accused of sodomy by his wife. When the version of the complainant in this particular case was tested in court, it was found wanting. You are making a sweeping generalisation without even knowing the facts. Read the newspaper reports of the trial –   it seems to me that the version of the complainant was found to be inconsistent when he was cross-examined.


  3. I was chatting with an indian reader and here’s part of our conversation :

    [Reader] : I see, its not strange. one must give attention to his name Mahesh Bihari

    [Me] : Why?

    [Reader] : u dont know about Bihar? its a state here in india. I’m sure this person must be of bihar origin. In bahar there is no law & order.

    [Me] : LOL! nice one

    psst : Please note the name mentioned. You can think whatever you want, imagine things but again, pay careful attention to the name quoted in this chat.


  4. non franchement, pa dir mw sa ine chok zot.. :s

    ena dimun sitan kne laloi moris zot ti fini dne verdict la lor article ki yashvin ti ekrir lor la avan, ce fut une veriT 🙂


  5. “Le magistrat blanchit.”

    Le magistrat blanchit quelqu’un d’autre, ou bien le magistrat a été blanchi (par quelqu’un d’autre, en l’occurrence un autre magistrat).

    Quand les magistrats se mettent à être jugés au lieu de juger, il y a de quoi perdre son latin.


  6. It’s the same trend we see for Dharmanand Dooharika’s treatment – straight to jail (wadir Monopoly – do not pass Go, do not collect £200), no scope for appeal (which normally safeguards you from sleeping in a cell until the appeal is heard): as if these people are perfect and never ever err.
    I have my very negative opinion on these people who should supposedly command respect, but have a very far from perfect way of conducting themselves outside their courts: just an example – try to follow one of these magistrates / judges when they leave with their car. Even Schumacher will find it difficult to match their slaloming skills – both on motorway and in town. And forget about slowing down near cross-here, stopping at yellow lights etc, you’ll loose them.
    Now, compare that with the treatment that drug barons get.


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