Are you among the 15,000 youngsters?

If you firmly believe what the organisers of “15,000 Youngsters to Save OUR Future!” say, thousands of youngsters will participate in a pacific march in the capital to denounce the corruption prevailing in the country. This will take place on on the 11th September 2011 10th September 2011.

While awaiting “le jour J”, many people are somewhat pessimist about this event which already welcomed 19,000 participants on their facebook page.

This blog post aims at collecting views of everyone, including those who got banned or trolled while trying to get answers from the official event group.

This said, I leave the comments area in your hands, hoping that everyone will be responsible, polite and constructive while voicing out their suggestions/concerns. As usual, comments will be moderated : Personal attacks, swearing and foul language will automatically be removed.

27 thoughts on “Are you among the 15,000 youngsters?

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  1. I find this “cause” great and the number of people adhering to it shows i’m not the only one … however I really really hope that this pacific march does not get hijacked by “ban politiçiens ou dimouns corompi” who will pretend to join or help the cause but will afterwards take full credits for it…
    Don’t let these people Astroturf!!!


  2. Nope I’m not joining because I can’t figure out their real goal. 

    ” WANTED : 15,000 Youngsters to Save OUR Future! ”

    D’abord, le titre de groupe facebook ne m’attire pas du tout. Ensuite, en quoi cette marche pourrait-elle sauver notre avenir ? Et pourquoi est-il ecrit 15 000 jeunes seulement ? En fait, est-ce qu’ils veulent la punition de ces politiciens corrompus ou changer de gouvernement ? (Ce sont deux choses differentes)

    Les mauriciens ne vivent pas sous un regime donc, il n’y a pas lieu de faire un drame.

    I noticed that college students are not really interested in it.
    Like my friend said “Mo gagne mo dipain , mo kav dormi, mo korek mwa, kot mo pu ale fatig moi”


    1. Your friend who says this. He is that same friend who care for him and only his. That’s the way forward and that’s what our political leaders of today are doing. Caring for themselves instead of  for the populae. 


  3. @cago_mago:disqus to pe pose trop boukou kestion, nek aller toi, casse ene pause la bas ek guetter si li pu etait ou pas ene evenement historique pu pays la 😉


  4. No, I’m not.

    I’m interested to see the end result though. On the talk show, they said that there was no future, and that they wanted to create it. How?

    I wonder why the vision of the group as well is so pessimistic/negative about the current life in Mauritius. My point is: I am NOT protecting the current government, but I am saying that the world is not ALL negative, corrupted, dark, and mauritius does not evolve/revolve/depend entirely on the government. Can we make the youth realise as well all the great opportunities/chances they currently have here?

    If they want to do something constructive, they should focus on what doesn’t work  and come with a clear plan on how they can help Us, rather than gathering a crowd and telling them about how bad things are around us, how poverty is growing and how the government is not doing anything.

    I think that the youngster I was at secondary school or at university was not mature enough to understand global economics, governance, politics, and leadership. So I wonder about the impact of the talks and maturity of the audience (that I totally respect btw), and I wonder as well how mature the group being setup is and how knowledgeable they are with regards to the country real issues. It’s not because I am a dad or not, or I can manage a business or a family that I am mature enough to set up a group with global implications.

    And I just hope there is no hidden agenda, or strategies behind the movement.


  5. No I am not, mainly because I am no longer a youngster. However, the below list might help the youngsters in their discernment:

    1. You cannot legislate the poor into prosperity by legislating the wealthy out of prosperity.

    2. What one person receives without working for, another person must work for without receiving.

    3. The government cannot give to anybody anything that the government does not first take from somebody else.

    4. You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it!

    5. When half of the people get the idea that they do not have to work because the other half is going to take care of them, and when the other half gets the idea that it does no good to work because somebody else is going to get what they work for, that is the beginning of the end of any nation.


  6. im realy interested 2 knw wat they’re finking of dng..they will do a march 2 protest against corruption…n then?? wat? hmm..i congratulate them 4 caring abt these fings bt seriously..this is not a movie..i do wish them luck nevertheless..


  7. I just hope les jeunes, with their hot blood, will keep their cool during this march… anyway, this event will most probably end up in the international news; publicity for our island.


  8. Well i just hope these youngsters know what they are on about and that no other idiots will spoil the march! Hopefully it won’t turn out like the UK student protest or the london rioting! 


    1. Les émeutiers en Angleterre n’avaient aucune revendication.. Je pense que l’attitude passive des mauriciens est un des plus grands maux de notre société. ( pa kav fer nahien li pu kumsa mem, ki serti? , ..)  Cette résignation de la jeunesse  ne fera qu’accroitre le sentiment d’injustice dans les prochaines années. Il me semble important d’exprimer un avis contre la corruption à un moment donné. assizer bez cass… pas dans mo pays svp


  9. For me, it’s just noise. There was a guy who got banned just for expressing his views on it.
    Well, how can you speak in the name of the youngsters if you don’t listen to the youngsters??

    *Leave group*


  10. No, I’m not… like most other youngsters…

    It’s just a lot of hot air from a bunch of attention seekers… It’s so easy to get 15,000 persons in a facebook group… lol… 

    The fact is most people are well off in Mauritius. Atleast we’re better off than most (or all!) African and Asian countries. Free education, free health, free transport; what do you expect more from a small island with no natural resources? 

    This march will never bring change to our country… If you want to see change, join the system and then change it… 


  11. What if you could do something for that change? I am not one of them but I am going,just to see if I can contribute..Every brick in a house helps in making it strong.


  12. People commenting on this blog make it obvious that either one of the following is true:
    (1) The organizers of the march did not have a clear channel of communication and did not made it crystal clear why they are organizing the march. That may be why most people do not feel they need to participate or support them or at least give them deserved kudos
    (2) People are just happy with getting their hard-earned money robbed on a regular basis and just want to live in their own perfect virtual reality (the matrix anyone?). Let’s just imagine all “Nobel prize” winners did just that… the world today would have been very different

    Another thing, the author of the blog asked a question which he did not answer himself


  13. The group’s growth came to an abrupt stop since the opposing group was created ! .. I wonder why ! .. 

    My last post: Wanted: 15000 youngsters, My 2 cents.


  14. mo krwra zot pren dimoun pou couyon….or should i say.. zot kne servi dimoun couyon. ban dimoun ki mone trouV dan ban fotos la , et ki ene tas mo kner ladan., zot pena AUKAINE idee kmen politik marcher, ki apel roule meme ene societe at the school level. ene camarade ki ladan ine trouve bizar ki ene video mmm ine posT lor mama la…b ki zot ti krwra?? bonvouloir sa??? normal ena politik derier sa.. TOUT politizer… ban jeunes?? dapres c ki mone trouV ban ki envi nou pas zouer ek zot lavenir ena ene tas tektonik, mete calcon kot genous et ban lespeces hyppies ladan. autant pour moi. kan ban jeunes ti manifesT akoz education years dimoun ti gro piC.. kan nou ti dire non reforme kot la pour de VRAI nou ti dire :NON PAS ZOUER EK NOU NLAVENIR et kot ti ene zafer concret… la nou ti passe pou egoistes. zordi ene ban dimoun ki passe letemps traine dan nightclub p ale defiler pou servi linteret ban politiciens behind curtains et tout dimoun applaudit..yeah sure.. u knw what?? i do hope for a better future.. but at least ale rode ban dimoun ki vaut la peine.. pas vine faire komik. vine avec ene plan. ban demandes precises.. ki zot ler?? ki zot kave faire?? pas vine dire “ah je souhaite une ile maurice sas communalisme gnagnagna” ki kumsa pou change sa??? zot ler zot pas ler pou change enne zafer zot pou bizin rentre dan la dance.. et danser messieursdames


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