TGIF! What do you eat on Fridays?


Don’t tell me that you did not know what does TGIF mean!!! In that case, you should read this.

It is a special day especially if you had a hard week, just like my team. This week, some of us left office at 8/9pm while reaching office at around 830am.

But when it comes to Friday, things are usually a bit different. The mood itself is different. Is it because we are allowed to wear jeans/tshirts? Most probably yes, that contributes in making the atmosphere more cool and makes you forget that work stress. While some already start to plan their weekends as early as Monday morning, Friday is usually the day where you start thinking how you can spend an enjoyable weekend.

Now, let’s talk about the Friday evening, one of the best parts of the day, and even the week. You might still remember that months back, I posted an article on “Friday Happy Hours” with pictures shot in different resto/pubs to hang out on Fridays.  That post is pretty outdated now. I think that I should update it lol. But since some time now, I started to hate crowdy places, especially if you need to SHOUT at your friend so that he can hear you.

I now prefer less crowdy and more peaceful places to hangout. Question : Do I have a choice after-all?

That’s what bring us to my Fridays.

You probably know what I am talking about if you regularly check out my Friday uploads. Yes, I am referring to those nice dishes that I share online, in photos.

It has been like a tradition now. SB, AB and myself usually spend 1 or 2 hours enjoying some nice dishes in a small resto/snack located along the Pope Henessy Street, near Champs De Mars. Sometimes, we go get others to join us, like B.R or Au.B.

The food there is wonderfully delicious and special. We usually accompany them with some beers and very often, when the food is served, we even forget that we came in here to have a drink. We get so ‘busy’ with the food that our beer glasses remain untouched.

Without writing anything further more, I will post a few pictures, just to water your mouth (put your mouse over the images to display the small description).

And if you prefer to put your own skills at test, I would suggest you to try Taher Fish Shop. I was stunned by the variety of sea foods and the clealiness and nice presentation there. Kudos!

What about you? What do you eat on Fridays?

I wish all of you a Happy Friday and Bon Weekend to all!

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22 thoughts on “TGIF! What do you eat on Fridays?

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  1. when you’ve been veggie for so long, these dont tempt you no more lol.

    anyway, plus side of being veggie, mo pas gard carem ditou 😛


  2. apart from a “liquid lunch” (beers), we have a tradition of fish on Fridays. That fish shop looks good, enjoy.


  3. Taaai! Tou sa bann BON BON baaz-la ou konné, ou pa ferr konné!?!?!

    Next bloggers’ meeting MUST be either

     – at where Picture #1 was taken


     – at where Picture #3, 4, 5 were taken

    If they were all taken at the same place, then, what the beep we’re waiting for??

    Bon week-end à tous!


    1. All pics are from same place 🙂
      (except for the raw fish of course)

      @google-364ece096841439f595e156d955a01e4:disqus , now I know where we should meet, you still remember the mail? 😛


      1. “not too appropriate for girls”
        La, mo pas trop dakor: nek amenn zott non, nek guett couma baaz-la prend enn koutt ‘respectabilité’ ek l’environnement-la sanzer… 🙂
        Mo’nn déza witness-ça en personne dans Bar Montagne (saem seki lor la route Seeneevassen-la), enn vendredi tanto: katt garson ek katt tifi lor enn latab dans enn coin. Enn sel koutt, tou dimounn trankil, tapaz vilgerr ek zouré arété, zott tout concentré lor zott la-boisson, coummence koz normal, kouma dimounn dan enn resto normal… what a sight!


  4. a la ene poisson


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