700th post : Ene ti la bière?

DID YOU SEE THAT? Already the 700th post!!! Thanks to all for your visits and participation!

So, you want a treat? That’s why I am gonna to offer you a beer, as a blog post 🙂

I wanted to taste it since long. In fact, I was amazed by the marketing campaign on Facebook : At the start, if you shot a picture of yourself with one (or many) bottles of the new beer (ti la bière), you could win the prize : “Ene caisse ti la bière“. You can join their fan page here.

I finally grabbed one of them at Winners today and took it home. Positive point : The price.

  • 65cl : Rs35 (+ Rs5 “consigne”)
  • 33cl : Rs19.50 (+ Rs2.50 “consigne”)

Poured a glass and at the first sip, I could already say it did not taste like The Phoenix. It was different and that made me remember a small ‘incident’ at Suffren, Caudan.

A small story at Suffren

On a Friday evening, I was there for the happy hour and ordered a beer. Immediately after I tasted the thing, I had a strange feeling. A weird taste. The beer was like stale (“moisi”). After some hesitation, I walked to the bar and on my way, I crossed another guy making weird expressions on his face while holding his glass of beer. After a quick talk, we discovered that we shared the same feeling about the beer. When we went to the barman, the guy told us that it was not Phoenix, but another one made locally too.


There was Phoenix written everywhere and even in the big ‘containers’ which hold the beer (picture above). Without the need to complain, we got another glass of beer. Phoenix of course. That was cool but at some point of time, I was afraid that I could get sick with that ‘strange’ taste.

Coming back to today’s post

Yeah, I was talking about the taste. You can give me several glasses of beer (of different brands) and  I can tell you which one of them is Phoenix.

I am not a beer specialist, so I am just expressing myself as a mere customer. I haven’t found a reason yet to enjoy another beer other than the Phoenix one. There’s surely other people who have found this beer nicely different.

We might have different taste, I agree.

And that’s why I encourage you to share how you find the new beer (or any other one).

Closing this blog post with a regret :
I have never thrown away beer in my life, but there’s always a first time in life. And NO, Phoenix Beverages has not bribed me. (is that a regret too? :P)

@”ti la bière” :
No grudge, if is just a question of taste and I haven’t still understood the real purpose of your advertising campaigns like Galant Colonne or Batteur Bis and how it can be beneficial for your brand. Anyways, wish you good luck!

@Everyone : Please tell us what you think about the beer. Perhaps it might help to improve. Positive criticism is the most welcomed.

20 thoughts on “700th post : Ene ti la bière?

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  1. From http://beeradvocate.com/respect_beer/
    Beer has an amazing history that’s wrapped in culture and embraced by people who are passionate about brewing, selling, serving, and supporting it. All of this deserves some thought and respect. 

    So don’t just drink the beer. Note the beer’s appearance, how it smells and tastes. Savor each beer as if it’s your last…

    You can’t possibly like only 1 type of beer. It’s like having “chicken curry” all the time you want to eat chicken (ignoring BBQ chicken, chop soy chicken, KFC, etc…) Though I have my preferences, I have really enjoyed all other types of beers from MU and every other countries I had the chance to visit. I just can’t imagine sticking to only one… as good as it may be.. 

    Phoenix’s great.. but I would advise you to step back and try *more than once* some new beer. I still remember that I hated my first Guiness. Now i’m a fanB.


    1. Definitely with you on that Toconne! I believe Phoenix would be like the second [or third] nicest beer i’ve ever tasted! The best one was home brewed in tivoli! 😀 and i bet there are more like those out there!


    2. Definitely with you on that Toconne! I believe Phoenix would be like the second [or third] nicest beer i’ve ever tasted! The best one was home brewed in tivoli! 😀 and i bet there are more like those out there!


  2. I still prefer the Phoenix Beer, its taste way more good than ‘ti la biere’
    Btw i have been hearing that ‘ti la biere’ is the ex stag beer. Is that true?
    There is another beer i have been liking is the 33 beer.


  3. A non-beer drinker as I has just the following to contribute:

     – in 1998, during a training at a consulting office headed by a South African, I literally got scolded before the TGIF by him for being a tee-totaller: “You have one of the best beers in the world, and you have the guts to say you are a tee-totaller?? Come on!”. I replied: “No way, how best in the workd is that beer?”. He hits on the table: “If I could, I’d bring a whole container of that Phoenix back home!”

     – fast forward to 2001, working. Have just completed installing our smoke testing equipment on the chimney of Phoenix Camp Minerals (as it was called then), and having a chat with the employees, including one guy who, as part of his quality control job, has to taste the thing regularly, everyday. He says: “Kiferr ou pa boire? Ingrédients extra simple, pa couma lezott: ziss delo ek malt. Pou Blue Marlin, sel différence servi enn malt spécial ki appel ‘quartz malt’, samem so gou pli fort. Ek samem ki so gout tellement apprécié. Asterr, pou apprécier ek pa prend gro ventt, prend li bien glaçé en appéritif, pa pou plein lestoma ziss ar ça”.

    Now, combine these two anecdotes to get to the result: neither Mauritian Eagle (mo cwar: sa-em ça la-bierr sortt Nouvelle France la) nor even Stag can beat a brand that is so strongly ingrained in Mauritian culture – 11.79 on 12 on this rating rating, keeps harvesting international recognition.

    Now the baterr-biss/galant kolonn wants a share of that market, just like Mauritian Eagle? Its promoter should read the interview of the CEO of Phoenix where he broadly replied to Mauritian Eagle, its ambitious competitor of the time:
    “To pé faire mari ki to pou prend 50% part de marché, abé essaye prend 10%, lerla to kozé”
    Mauritian Eagle is nowadays dead.


  4. it reflects the publicity .. sorry but as you stated : ” haven’t still understood the real purpose of your advertising campaigns like Galant Colonne or Batteur Bis and how it can be beneficial for your brand”

    i second that .. if drinking a “ti labiere” can make you do things like proposing a lampost in broad day, well sorry, i’ll stay away from that :p though i don’t drink :p


    1. Bien dit, mon cher. Ki sa ‘ti la-bierr’-la ena a-ferr ar le-fett ki ou ena enn galan kolonn ou enn batter-biss…? Al comprend.

      Sé enn risk tro gro pou enn nouvo produit ki penkor ferr so prév.

      Li ferr moi pense enn reklam ki Mammouth ti ferr lepok enn souval apel Turbo ti pé dessirr koltar dans Sennmarrs: reklam-la ti montré enn boug ki pé riss enn bourik ki pé resisté, ek boug-la pé kriy ar bourik-la:
      “A-nou allé Tirbo, reduction coumsa pa pou gagné enkor”.

      Dimounn ti pé riyé for-for: abé si enn bourik fini comprend ki Mammouth pé tchué, nou ki nou pou al ferr laba? 😀

      Ala couma enn campagne pub mal ‘researched’ / message mal ‘designed’ fini par ‘backfire’.


  5. I’ve tried it. Not so bad. I’ll have to try it again to have a definite opinion.

    What I like is that people have more choices now and I think Stag beverages produces quality beer. I prefer Stag over TiLabiere, but I definitely prefer the taste of a bottle of Phoenix (not in cans though)


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