What do Mauritians think of Google+?

Can I have your attention please?

And please stop harvesting your farms or stop tagging your friends onto useless pictures for 5minutes.

Launched only few days back, Google+ is the new toy on the web and perhaps the future of the websphere. What is it? I won’t give a long or complex description, but instead, I will quote something which I read on the web yesterday :

Facebook is, for now, an online hangout above all. People go there to scan status updates, chat with a friend or look at the latest photos, without necessarily having something specific in mind.¬†With Google+, people usually have an objective, whether that’s searching for a hair stylist or sending an email about an upcoming party.

For several days, I have been actively promoting Google+, encouraging people to join in. Today, I have included a few screen shots of the said web site.
Click on the thumbnails below to view :

And here’s a cheat sheet that will enable you to use Google+ more efficiently :

If you still have not got your Google+ invitation, just drop me a comment, and DONT FORGET to include your gmail address!

  • Are you already on Google+? Add me here.
  • What to you like about it and
  • How does Google+ differs from Facebook in your point of view?
  • Do you think that Google+ has a chance against Facebook?

I am already a great fan of Google+ and I have even stopped scrolling down my Facebook news feed since last Friday.

Finally, did you notice that I have a Google +1 button as well as the Facebook Like button on the blog? Please use them ūüôā

26 thoughts on “What do Mauritians think of Google+?

Add yours

  1. I have really appreciated Google+. There are really nice features like huddle or hangouts…¬†
    And it’s easy to add people to my circles… ^^


  2. Google+ is still very young but promising. When I first logged in to Google+ today (thanks to your invitation), it was like this

    There are a few features that I’d like to see being implemented in G+ like the ability to browse other users by interests, age group, etc (a bit like on hi5) and integration of Google Wave into the ‘Stream’.

    There’s nothing to hate about Google+. Its clean, and more “social” than Facebook who just focuses on making more money, and taking over the web using the Open Graph.

    Facebook DO have a specific objective – its more about marketing, advertising than “social”. That’s why they are losing users (IMO) – http://www.insidefacebook.com/2011/06/12/facebook-sees-big-traffic-drops-in-us-and-canada-as-it-nears-700-million-users-worldwide/

    What G+ have that Facebook don’t:
     РHangouts РVideo Chat with friends
     РSupports animated GIFs (awww yeahhh)

    What Facebook have that G+ don’t:
     РMore business pages
     РLess apps (die in hell, Farmville)
     РTag your location (feature not available to Mauritians)

    People say that the ‘Circle’ thing on G+ is new and great but, IMO, its nothing new – it looks like ‘Friends List’ on Facebook. Same as ‘Sparks’ which is just like Pages on Facebook arranged in categories.

    I think Facebook is still great – it is the users who make it look like a mess (tagging you on photos you’re not on, ‘liking’ pages all the day, sharing bollywood songs from youtube that you don’t give a fuck about, copy-pasting quotes that are irrelevant to their life, uses the status to send personal messages, complaining that they don’t have a boyfriend, writing things that was not meant to be understood, losing their time on apps and games and posting them on the news feed etc etc etc)

    BTW, for those who are on G+ and who don’t do what I just said, add me

    If G+ succeeds, Facebook would probably embrace the same fate of MySpace. That would be the end of an era and the dawn of a new horizon in the history of the internet.


  3. mo dakor moi. facebook pena narien de mal r li. to nek ena pou kne gere li et pas faire li vine ene lespece jardin compagnie ambulant. tout depane kmen to ler servi li.


  4. I am still finding my way around G+ but I find that it suits my requirements. Already I appreciated the facility to integrate my Picasaweb photos and the easy use of circles. The only problem is that most of my contacts are on FB and probably will not come on G+. In general G+ looks like it will be for the serious user and not for playing silly games.


  5. It is elegant and efficient design with a clear focused objective!!

    it is socially complete and has better privacy management and now i can enjoy perfect mobile integration with android compared to facebook or twitter.It is true that some feature lacks but G+ has real potential even in beta! 

    In mauritius, Facebook is used pu vey zafer tandis G+ pu the good social network and collaborating made easier for group projects etc. All under one roof, so no need to sign in msn for chat, skype for video. Thumbs up big G ūüôā


  6. Google+ is closed for new invites now, isn’t it?

    Anyway, it was about time Google launches its own social network. If you think about it, the number of services offered by G is unbelievable and I’m a big fan of Google’s product to be honest. Google Analytics, Docs, YouTube, Calendar etc All those things are free and who doesn’t like free stuffs (wink, wink)


  7. I think G+ has copied¬†Facebook¬†and improved most of its features, however I do not believe that it is a place where¬†supposedly¬†you do not have have a gazillion status updates or 4321 Friends. Simply because YOU make your connections. Those who rant about¬†Facebook¬†being kinda ‘amateurish’ should realize that if their news feed¬†isn’t¬†clean, its because THEY chose to add the person who’s polluting their news feed. Or at least, they accepted the friend request.

    Just for example, if Tushal starts ranting on G+, what will be the differences between the latter and fb?

    Its just a matter of time. I’m tired of those ‘nerds’ claiming G+ is better for an imaginary reasons. Its better, in another way. The UI, the feel, NOT THE DAMN PEOPLE. The people will eventually be ¬†the same. Just know how to choose your connections(Friends vs People). Same thing.

    Voila. My two cents.


    1. Yes and no.

      Google+’s ‘Stream’:
       РStatus updates,
       Рphotos, videos
       РShared links.   Thats all.

      Facebook’s ‘News Feed’:
       РStatus updates,
       Рphotos, videos
       Рshared links,
      ¬†– ‘was tagged in photo, video…’,
       Рprofile picture change,
       Рrelationship status,
       Рliked/recommend pages,
      ¬†– your friend’s location,
      ¬†– ‘is now friends with …’
      ¬†– and much more…

      So, I think, Google+ will always be cleaner.
      It can be polluted if you invite those stupid teenagers.


  8. sure, it’s better. better look and feel, developer API ftw, integration with other google products. non-intrusive restricted circles. let’s hope they keep the pace. I’ve not explored the product fully though, nor have I quit my FB account. I guess the move is hard… ^^

    oh yeah, and there are practically no gals on google+ lol. there was a plugin on chrome to export some info from facebook to google+ but it was blocked by facebook a little while after


  9. When Google+ came, everyone started to compare it with Facebook. But why just Facebook?
    Twitter is a [second biggest] social network as well, but is usually used for different purposes (that is why there are not many stupid teenagers on there).

    Twitter displays, in real time, valuable information from users who understand the power or usefulness of online communities. I mostly use it to find information, reviews, thoughts from other users.


    1. “…for now.”

      hahaa… Oussi p√© coummence senti l’ail…? ūüôā
      The prospect of tapping on such an incredible database of raw information FREE will never falter. On the contrary, I think it’s only a matter of time that Google will start to stealthily mine the data for recovering their investment… Let’s wait and see…


  10. Google+ is the Hive of the Geeks. It’s not the stupid shitty facebook with idiot blondes or noobs looking for Baby Baby oh Singer ( Don’t ask me the name of the fagget)… Facebook is the Place where 75% of noobs exist. Well, I will just say for now Google+ owns facebook hands down ūüôā


  11. Si p√©na “DISlike”, “UNfriend”, ek si pa capaw delete account in less than 3 steps, i’ll just forget about that one more tool for controlling our likes and tastes. Yes, I hate fesse-bouc, hi5 and the like. I’ll check if I’ll have to add Google+ to that list of evil Big-Brother spawns…


  12. Talked abt G+ two yrs ago.
    Whenever I want to enrich my knowledge by learning something new or discover what’s new in terms of gadgets, tech, science as well as laugh at some cool animated gifs, I open my Google+ but when I want to learn more about my friends, I’m on fb.


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