Are you afraid of the dark?

Disclaimer : What follows might be a boring story. The blog post remained in my draft section for at least 2 months. Time to either delete it or publish it. So, I decided to go with the second option.

Some weeks back, I found myself in a pretty unusual situation when I once left home for a small evening jogging trip. It was already 630pm when I noticed that it was time to run back home through the sugar cane fields from the beach of Pointe aux Piments to Triolet. In fact, I was a bit careless since I left home quite late on that day, not taking into consideration that the sun went down much earlier than usual.

When I reached the sugarcane fields, it was nearly pitch-dark. No moon light, rocky roads, tall sugar cane plants nearly reaching harvest time, no street lightings (of course, since I was right into the fields).

I took out my mobile to switch on the camera’s flash and guess what? “BATTERY LOW!” Damn!

I had 2 options :

  • Return back to the main road and walk back home (Several kms, most probably some 45mins walk)
  • Continue through the sugar cane fields (nearly a straight line) and get home in about 10-15mins.

Fortunately, I knew the path by heart and I could find my way back, even in the dark. I was so relieved when I gradually saw small lights at the other end. And then, I could hear dogs barking and a few minutes later, they were barking at me. I was so happy to be (nearly) back home.

No, I do not suffer from nyctophobia but I can tell you, that was one of my most freaking experiences ever!

What about you? Are you afraid of the dark, or any other phobias?

btw, if you need a list of different phobias, have a look here on wikipedia.

23 thoughts on “Are you afraid of the dark?

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  1. Spooky trying to get through the fields in the dark, I bet all your senses were on alert mode. Fortunately you have the route firmly recorded in your memory banks.


  2. i would hate to be alone in the dark and out in the open!
    the phobia i suffer from is Pternophobia (the fear of being tickled). it may not sound serious but trust me, i burst out into tears when someone even pretends to tickle me. not an easy thing to live with.


  3. I’m afraid of stupid people, you might never know what their next move might be, otherwise I feel comfortable in the dark.

    Phobia? Hmm, not really, but hell try to say this one fast Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia ( fear of the number of the beast -_-‘ )


  4. Yeah, at first it is ‘uncomfortable’ to say the least.
    But if you repeat the experience more and more (as Mike rightly says: “all your senses (…) on alert mode”), you’ll develop that strange feeling of ‘fearlessness’ ingrained in you. No more awkward adrenaline rush that’ll get dogs barking irrationally at you, more confidence in otherwise awkward situations (I call it “aplomb”: public speaking, verbal ‘fighting’, etc), better control over your irrational emotions. It takes some time, but it’s worth it.
    Just try and then you’ll tell it all by yourself.


  5. LOL. Afraid of the dark? No Sir.
    But having of no electricity? Yes Sir. Why?
    No electricity means no internet = Dead Me. 


  6. frankly speaking i am not afraid of the ( i am not just saying it , i mean it lol ). i give a damn  about darkness if i know the place well, it is natural that I’ll feel odd ( not afraid lol) if i don’t know the place. frankly saying i’m not afraid of the dark.  


  7. And you get the goose pimples, adrenaline and heart beating fast especially in places u r unfamiliar. In the dark everything changes. Thanks Benjamin Franklin!!


  8. When we go to shoot the night sky in northern canada, where there are mooses, wolves and bears in the neighbourhood in the middle of the forest, yes hell yes we are scared! It is so dark you cannot see your hand in front of your face. And that too with 5 people, you start pissing your pants at every sound you hear 😛


  9. Quand mo p lire ça mo p rappel mne deja lire ça avant. I thought it was a recent post. When I looked at the date mne trouver ine gagne 1 year!! ^^

    Bon pou reply to question. Maybe I am afraid a bit when it is pitch dark. It does freak me out. Especially when we don’t know where we are heading. It’s the same with the ocean. Dans la mer pas même gagne comprend parfois cote p pose lipied. :/


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