Did you dream of becoming a police officer too?

Police officer, doctor, pilot, fireman… These are a few jobs that most kids (mainly boys) usually dream of during their early childhood.

Later on, when you grow up, you discover new things, new opportunities: computer programmer, accountant, ABC officer (Assizer Beze Casse) and the worst ones might end up as burglar, rapist or simply, unemployed….

These days, many are now interested to become full-time photographers, facebookers…
And NCIS agent 😛 haha. Truly! That’s the trend.

Now, be sincere while replying to my question :

  • Have you ever thought of being part of the police force?
  • If not, what was your dream job?

btw, girls, what do you usually dream of becoming later, apart from being married to a rich and charming prince?

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17 thoughts on “Did you dream of becoming a police officer too?

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  1. Very interesting question!!!

    I remember when I was still in primary school and we went to drop my cousin bro at the airport (he was flying to UK after he got a scholarship upon becoming a laureate)and I decided to become a doctor! HA! Then I diverted a bit and said I will become a VET (Die hard animal lover!) But the day I went to the vet for my cat and saw all the blood and all, my dream was beautifully broken – I learned that day that I cannot stand the sight of blood!

    Since then am dreaming of the rich prince…so that I do not have to work…lol


  2. something close to that: security, forensics and criminal investigation.

    most of all, I wanted to be a superhero when I was 5 yrs old 😉 I had just discovered Spiderman at that time


  3. Lol..very nice post..lets’ see, where to start???

    1. Firewoman! Yes, my dad is a fireman, so I wanted to be a firewoman!

    2. Scientist : To built a rocket to to go the furthest planet 😛

    3. Air Hostess : Because I wanted to travel 🙂

    4. TV Host: loved the fact to be on TV!!!

    5. Social worker: Wanted to help teenagers….

    6. PR or ADVERTISING…. : A difficult choice to make…

    7. DESIGNER! Finally… :p

    Now getting married to the rich prince charming was not my ideal dream…it was more like getting married to the most romantic guy ever…flowers, candle light dinners, surprises…etc…and who’d love me forever!

    Well, well…


  4. i wanted to be a pilot when 5 yr old. I just had my first flight. When I had my 2nd flight at 10 i was sure to be a pilot after hearing that pilots and hostesses sleep together. I always fancied them. They were so beautiful. Then in my teens i found out that hostesses are not the most beautiful ones. So i dropped the dream.


  5. oopps there was so many dreams like that when i was a kid. iwant to become police officer, SMF( special mobile force, doctor, lawyer, and becoming BATMAN lolzzzz. and the present day i am a technician lolzz.


  6. 🙂
    Like these blokes?

    My dad was a policeman. His perpetual frustration about lack of recognition vaccinated me at a very early age against the will to become a some kind of investigator…

    Those who remember the infamous grey uniform must recall the unsavoury experience of having to deal with any policeman some 15-20 years ago. Things have changed for the worse since then due to people playing too much with their political acquaintances to get through well-deserved fines in most cases. The same people now blame the police force for all the ills of society, while actually they are at the receiving end of things already spoilt by society itself…


  7. @Bhooks:
    “found out that hostesses are not the most beautiful ones”
    Aaryo, pov diabb… alerrman ou’nn monte lor enn vol Air Mauritius…


  8. growing up among many male cousins, At 5 i wanted to be a footballer!
    At 10 till 13 i wanted to be a Pilot, but i dropped this dream because i came to realise my parents could never afford my studies in aviation!

    Leaving my ‘tomboy’ attitude behind, at 15 i wanted to be a model
    (because of my 1m78 figure at that time)
    But as modeling has no prospect in Mtius, i focused on my studies!

    At 19, i wanted to go backpacking somewhere. i packed everything an my love for discovering new things lead me to Philippines, Japan, Fiji, Australia, Tonga, Korea. After 4 months of travel, i returned back to the island to resume my university studies in management.

    seriously, i hate studying
    I will be graduating in the few months. (yaaay, finally i will be free)
    Now i seriously want to be a trolley dolley- ie an airhostess!
    because i came to realise all jobs that i dreamt of revolved around travelling to new destinations :)! if i work over here, i will have to work for idk how many years to be able to save a few pennies to go somewhere!

    and yeah during kate and wills wedding, i did dream of getting married to a filthy rich guy or a prince!
    but soon, i dropped this unrealistic dream, because i will never substitute my life and love for travelling for a few $$

    oh btw: i also had the dream to be the first Mauritian to get to Mt everest! but still i can hope to be the first Mauritian Girl to reach there 😀


  9. Yeah, many of us have had irrational dreams when we where kids. And as we grow up, our perception of life, as well as our goals, radically changes. …but not for everyone, it seems. Like that guy on yesterday’s 7:30pm TV news who said “kan mo ti tipti mo ti contan bane zafer fizi, militair tousala, akoz sa mo p rant dan la police”. Lol


  10. My dream was.. to work at FIFA… England…lol… doing anything there.. 🙂
    i just love football…n the players of course.. 🙂


  11. Hi,Yes a s a child my dream was to become a police officer.I did achieve my goal in 2001 but unfortunately in 2002 I got involved in a terrible accident where I became Paraplegic.For those who watch local program on MBC tv could have seen me in ANOU BOUZE the 1st episode.Anyway,life goes on and I can say I’m happy with my life,coz if you have your heart and your mind everything is possible.


  12. My dad was a policeman ( grey uniform ) back then i used to go on rides with him

    grew up behind a police station and really wanted to enter the police force at that time 😛

    Currently am stuck in IT, watching a screen for about 10 hours a day.

    the future? well most probably end up being a serial killer, the way life in mauritius is going.


  13. Well, me too i wanted to be a policeman, when i was kid my favorite toys were handcuffs,guns,walkie talkies, bombs, knives,cutters,swords etc and obviously i wanted to be an SMF guy :)till the day…. i was cuffed (from behind) for real and trown in a DSU jeep.

    This was a bad experience for me and my dream collapsed.



  14. hmmm..i wanted 2 b a lawyer since i was lil..i was always fascinated by z way they were presented on tv n movies..z black coat attracted me..even my dad always told me dat i’ll b a gr8 lawyer..z way i put out my arguments in front of him..

    bt after i completed my hsc..n wiz results gud enuf 4 being accepted 4 LLB.. my dad told me “sa profession la ena boku l’argent mal gagnE”

    4 yrs l8er i.e 2day.. im programming al day long in front of my pc..

    i still wanna fulfill my dream…ohhh i 4gt… i wanted 2 b a singer 2 😀 😀


  15. Before I wanted to be a teacher since very small i was going in my mum’s school quite regularly (she doesn’t own one, she works in a primary school) and i was fascinated to see how she was speaking in front of the class, writing on the blackboard… Sometimes at home i used to play and pretend to be a teacher,i was speaking to pillows (hitting them also!).

    But now i want to be a housewife so that i can wake up so late, bake cakes, go out, read books, watch a movie, eat, exercise and of course! buy on eBay!! :p


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